Role of Physical Therapy In Improving Your Quality of Life

Living a disease-free and peaceful life is becoming harder day by day, not because we do not have treatments available for them, but due to our inability seek right treatment at the right time. We also don’t give much attention to a problem until it starts creating obstacles in our daily life. For example, when you experience back pain, neck ache, shoulder complications, and other similar problems you believe that you can treat them with home remedies which are not the right way to deal with them actually.


You have to pay attention to your body every time you encounter a health problem. Whether you face back pain or knee pain, it’s important for you to seek quick treatment for it, otherwise, you will have to deal with bigger complications later on. Seeking quality treatment is very important to deal with both physical and mental issues.

Conditions like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease can have an enormous impact on your life. These neurological disorders can have severe consequences for your well-being. They affect your life like anything, and hence it’s utterly crucial to seek quality treatment to address their signs and symptoms immediately.

Problems Caused By Alzheimer’s Disease

If you talk particularly about Alzheimer’s disease it is found largely among older people who are more than 65 years of age. It’s a progressive disease that attacks nerve cells in the brain. The signs and symptoms of this condition do not appear instantly perhaps that’s the reason it becomes hard to find out whether the problems faced by a person are caused by Alzheimer’s disease or some other condition. However, with the passage of time the signs and symptoms of this conditions start becoming worse.

It’s the kind of disease that affects a person’s memory, thinking and language skills. For example, a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease always have difficulty in recognizing people including their own family members, with whom they have spent their entire life. In addition to that, people struggling with this condition also face enormous problems in finding out the right words to express their feeling or whatever they want to communicate. And that’s the reason they often free frustrated and irritated.

And as the signs and symptoms of this condition start worsening with time, people also start facing issues with their balance and strength. Apart from that they also face issues with bladder and bowel control.


According to STAR Physical Therapy, “Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease may have trouble finding the right words to use, recognizing objects, recognizing family and friends, and may become frustrated, irritable, and agitated. As the disease progresses, physical problems may include loss of strength and balance, and diminishing bladder and bowel control.”

Problems Caused By Parkinson’s Disease

Similarly, when you talk about Parkinson’s disease it also affects a person’s life like anything. It is also a neurological disorder that occurs because of the loss of brain cells that are accountable for producing dopamine – an organic chemical. The loss of brain cells that produce dopamine affects the functioning of the brain. Yes, your brain starts functioning in a different manner which leads to several issues that create problems for you in carrying out your daily activities.

Difficulty in walking, rigidity, and shaking are some of the most common signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Again, like Alzheimer’s disease, the signs, and symptoms of this condition start worsening with the passage of time, especially in the absence of a right treatment.

With the passage of time, people struggling with this disease also face problems related to thinking. So it’s important that you seek quality treatment to address the signs and symptoms of this condition. Although the underlying factors that lead to Parkinson’s disease are still unknown, experts believe that genetic and environmental factors lead to this condition.

So, if you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned conditions it’s important to consult a good healthcare expert.

Physical Therapy Is A Great Option

 If you want to live a pain-free life, you must consult a skilled physical therapist who has been offering quality services to a wide range of patients for years now. Physical therapists are trained in treating musculoskeletal and neurological conditions that affect the functions of an individual. And the best part is that physical therapy is a treatment that focuses on healing patients without using any sort of drugs and surgical procedures. Yes, if you consult a physical therapist for treating your condition they won’t use any kind of drugs that can have side effects on you. In addition to that, they ask you to treat your condition without using any type of surgical treatment.

There is no denying the fact that surgeries and drugs can have side effects on your body, but when you treat a condition with exercises and other types of physical activities, they will improve your overall well-being. And what’s really great about consulting a physical therapist is that they focus on identifying the root cause of your problem and then address it with a relevant technique.

Physical Therapists Use Exercises

In order to figure out what is causing pain and discomfort for you, they carry out a number of physical exams that help them in identifying the severity of a condition and the kind of pain a patient is suffering from. And when it comes to healing a problem they go to any extent. They work one-on-one with you so that you can recover fast.

For example, no matter what kind of disease or injury they are treating they will include a lot of powerful exercises in it to improve the flexibility of the patient and allow them to gain back their strength. Enhancing the flexibility is one of the most important parts of physical therapy treatments when it comes to healing an injury or illness. Your therapist includes a number of low-impact exercises that help in improving your overall physical fitness.

For example, they will include low-impact stretches to strengthen body muscles and to improve flexibility. In addition to that, if needed they also use manual techniques to reduce pain and swelling, which eventually helps in speeding up the natural healing system of the body.

Whether you are suffering from neck pain, backache, shoulder complications or conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease your physical therapist will use advanced techniques to improve your well-being.

The techniques that they include in your treatment plan will help in mitigating your pain and will enhance the ability of your body to function effectively. So, whether you are facing issues in walking or identifying a loved one, the type of treatment you will receive from a physical therapist will certainly improve all these things.

Most of the times the physical therapists use manual therapy techniques when it comes to treating conditions like back pain or shoulder pain because that helps in improving the circulation which plays a pivotal role in offering important nutrients to injured cells, that helps greatly in accelerating the healing process.

Carrying out physical activities is very important for accelerating the natural healing process of the body. So, rather than relying on drugs and surgeries to recover from an injury or a condition like Alzheimer’s disease, it’s better to get the help of a physical therapist. They are the one who can actually improve the quality of your life.

Most of the times when you are done with a surgery, your physician asks you to take physical therapy services for quick recovery. Therefore, if you are someone who is finding it hard to recover from a hip or knee surgery make sure that you take physical therapy services for that.

What’s really interesting about consulting a physical therapist is that they keep on checking your condition frequently. And if in case you are not making any progress, they will change the treatment pattern. Yes, they will include other types of physical therapy techniques to improve your condition.

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