Quran Memorization Plan

In the Muslim society, who have taken the time and try to memorize the Quran are some of the most glorious leaders and intellectuals. Those who have accomplished this great task are called upon for their advice, interpretations and guidance.

Memorizing Quran mean a physical, spiritual and mental journey that will built a strong relationship between an individual and Allah as well as between an individual and his community. There is no age level for learning or memorization Quran. Instead it should be undertaken by those who want to increase their faith and collect the benefits in this world and the world hereafter. Our Online Quran Classes Academy Quranio set a program both for elders as well as for young child. One can easily learn or memorize Quran with Tajweed. Our Academy hire a most qualified teacher who gives the proper detail and knowledge related to the memorization of Quran.

Quran memorization focusing on the completing of the memorization of the Book of Allah in a short time with high accuracy and precision. Our Academy divided the online memorization in three steps A, B and C have two stages of each. For beginners, the program focuses on memorization with listening. As students’ progress, emphasis is transfer to memorization through Quran recitation. Finally, students memorize the Quran in accordance to the reported narrations from Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Remember that the first founders of Islam, the prophet and his followers, recited and memorize the Quran verbally, passing it down generations to generations. It was not until Uthman, the third Caliph, that each Holy word of the Quran was listed in writing. We promote all the students to carefully consider this example, as the history of the Quranic memorization can act as and guidance for those who facing this major duty.

Learning goals:

Faithful memorization of the Book of Allah
learning the overall meaning of the verses
learning the reasons for disclose the verses


Memorizing the Holy Quran needs that individual adopt an industrious and sincere attitude? Memorize Quran online can make it easier and more efficient to memorize each surah, but this endeavor still needs discipline, focus and an earnest disposition to put in the necessary work. We propose that each student thinking about how to memorize a Quran verse perpetrate to a long-term schedule — as it can take months or even years for an absolute memorization. Moreover, the shortcomings of human memory mean that a great deal of appraisal and reinforcement will be necessary.


les and confinements in memorization of the Quran

It is necessary for you to memorize the Quran with the help of religious teacher or sheikh-ul-Quran to correct your recitation.

Try to memorize two pages each day, one page memorize after Fajr prayer, and the other page after the Ashr or Maghrib prayer. By this way, you will be able to memorize the entire Quran firmly within a year. If you try to add more than that, your memory will be faint due to numerous verses to recall.

Memorize the entire Quran by using one version of mushaf at a time, to help you in straighten your memory and enhance your speed in remembering the position of the verses, and the first and the last part of every page of the Quran.

Everyone who memorize the Quran at his/her first two years usually lose their memory. This phase is stated the collecting phase (Marhalah Tajmi). Do not be depressed for the loss of the memory or the mistake you made, since it is hard or test-phase. And beware of Satan, since he will use the opportunity to tempt you to stop memorizing the Quran. Decline that worry and temptation and keep memorizing the Quran, since it is a worthy treasure not all people could have the ability to do so.

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