What is the QuickBooks TLG File and its all Activities?


QuickBooks is one of the outstanding accounting software packages on the market for small business. It offers a large number of activities for a quick solution based on real information. This software gives you an opportunity to have any solution to one issue. You can also get detailed information of it at our QuickBooks support phone number via intuit certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

It allows many activities for a user such as training solutions, product and supplies, merchant services, marketing tools and more. Each solution is developed accounting for different types of industries and their requirements.

QuickBooks is the only software that has been the accountant choice of accounting businesses. It allows complex bookkeeping tasks simplified and quicker like never before. A huge number of businessmen use this software and get more satisfaction. This software is easy to install into the computer system and access one or multiple users at a time.

What is the QB TLG File?


TLG file stands for Transaction Log File.TLG file is the summary of transactions, automatically saved by QuickBooks. This file is stored as [company file name].qbw.tlg file. Any user cannot open it to convert this file into the company data file. If Company Data File(QBW) does not match with its linked transaction log file the QuickBooks display error. If QuickBooks TLG file store more and more transaction data, then see after sometimes decrease your system performance. You can increase file stores spaces certainly can impact performance.

QuickBooks Use the TLG File


You can see the day-to-day activities of QuickBooks. As you know that the value of the transaction log file is for data restoration. If your organization file is damaged or erased, the TLG(transaction log)file through conjunction with your most recent backup to restore transactions that were entered since that restore(backup).

For example, A user has an inventory item that has an on-hand quantity of 20. You can easily backup file copy of your company file. You also receive about 40 small files. Otherwise, damage your company TLG file then current TLG file, you can take the backup file. An administrator can easily perform all activities and get one to another user permission to perform company requirement.

Can I Restore a TLG File


Yes, Only Administrator restore TLG file, no user accessible utility, backup, and update. Admin has right required for the server computer when hosting one or more user access. This software installed by Admin, set user password and get permission, the right user. A user has a virtual environment that accesses and perform a common task but cannot delete or backup, update and more. There are three major Restore a TLG file 

  • QuickBooks Data Services.
  • Accounting Users, Inc.
  • QB or not QB.

Why Not Just Delete QuickBooks TLG File?


Alright, we have built up that the document gets substantial and consumes up room (especially on the off chance that you are replicating extend and this record to a CD or other media), that it may back off execution as it gets bigger, and that you need to pay cash to have the capacity to utilize it to recuperate information. Why mess with it? Wouldn’t I be able to simply erase it? 

On the off chance that you have been perusing my blog for long, you will realize that I am a bit hyper about information security and extend. Things being what they are, do we require the document? On one hand, on the off chance that you have a decent extend plan, you are making consistent extend in a few different ways, and if a debacle happens you can re-establish you are extending with at least whine. No requirement for the TLG record?

How to Reset TLG file?

  1. Dispatch QuickBooks in Harbor Cloud and sign into the organization document with the QuickBooks authoritative client 
  1. Have every other client log out of the organization record 
  1. Go to File > Create Copy > Portable organization document > Choose to spare the record to your T: drive 
  1. Go to File > Close Company to log out of the organization record (however, leave QuickBooks open!) 
  1. Dispatch the Windows Explorer symbol in Harbor Cloud and make an envelope in your T: drive and mark it “Document – DO NOT USE” 
  1. Cut the “unfortunate” organization document and Paste it into this Archive envelope (to forestall inadvertently copying records, we prescribe utilizing Cut rather than Copy) 
  1. In QuickBooks, go to File > Restore a versatile document > Choose the.QBM convenient duplicate in your T: drive 
  1. Spare the reestablished organization document from your convenient duplicate to your T: drive in the first record’s area.

 Backups the TLG File

The general idea for control extends and TLG documents are that when you make a extend utilizing the QuickBooks extend include (from the File menu), QuickBooks will make a record with a QBB document compose and get out the TLG record. The extent has every one of the exchanges spared, so you needn’t bother with that exchange log. 

Starting there on the TLG document will develop once more, holding all exchanges since that extent. Be that as it may, not all extend documents are equivalent. QuickBooks will just erase the TLG document in the event that you make a manual extend with the check choice on.


If the Administrator does not complete the verification, TLG file is not cleared then Can not use TLG File. An administrator without complete after complete verification must take backup. The backup time matching the TLG file and company file both are same. You can start back up and store your external hard disk and update now. This TLG file is portable, you can access one to another computer system. You do not delete TLG file otherwise your backup file does not work properly. Your backup file gets daily transaction report and daily data store your computer system.

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