Resolving QuickBooks Error 6144: Easy Steps Given By QuickBooks Error Support Team

Easy Steps Given By QuickBooks Error Support Team

Today we are going to be discussing the simple and manual suggests that of breakdown QuickBooks error support 6144. we are going to begin when you’ve got the scan the points mentioned below:

Before starting, confirm the points mentioned below:

  • All Steps area unit alleged to be practiced on the most device riddance solely the ultimate step.
  • QuickBooks is shut on all laptops in conjunction with the Main computer and different computers.
  • QB service user is version totally dependent on this software. For workplace Version 2013, you’ve got QBserviceuser23; Version 2015 it’s QBserviceuser25 and for version 2016 it’s QBserviceuser26 then on.
  • Antivirus is put-off.
  • You know the MS workplace version you perform on.

When you’re clear with the terms on top of, proceed to follow these steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6144:

Step 1: begin Services

  • Visit begin and faucet on Services.
  • From the Services list, faucet on QBCFMonitorservice and ensure the services have begun and area unit out there in Automatic mode. If not just so, simply check all Radio buttons and then only click on the Apply button and then just Ok.

Step 2: modification Account sort

  • Visit the control board and select User Account.
  • Tap on Add/Remove User Account and click on QBDataserviceuser23 (if you’re exploitation version 2013) and alter Account sort by checking Administrator user

Step 3:

Create a replacement folder by the name of QB and provide Read/Write choices for all the created folders. you need to ought to produce the subsequent folders in Drive C:

  • Administrator
  • Add User
  • Add System
  • Everyone
  • QB knowledge Service users 23
  • Also, try to give Read/Write permission to all or any the folders. Clicking on Share can share these folders on all computers.

Step 4: Copy the corporate enter New folder “QB”:

This file is corrupt as a result of its size and thus it’s not a gap in QuickBooks. Here the corporate file is thought as “Get Back to Business”

In the Drive C: visit Users > Public > Public Documents > apprehend > QuickBooks > Company Files and you may realize that Company file. this can be the default location of the QuickBooks Company file.

Copy and Paste the enter New Folder “QB”. don’t cut – paste the file because it might corrupt the file.

Step 5:

Verify that the corporate File is derived at the popular location. For this, shut the folder wherever you’ve got derived the file and open it once more through the identical path as utilized in repetition the file.

Step 6: produce arriving and outward Firewall Rules:


  • Go to Firewall and click on Windows Firewall
  • Now, visit Advanced Settings as out there on the Left pane and visit arriving Rules > New Rule > Port and hit Next

Step 7: “Add Ports” to the new outward rules

Step 8: a further step

  • Visit Program and appearance for QuickBooks.
  • From the menu, continue QuickBooks information Service Manager and click on Add Folder.
  • Now browse and simply include QuickBooks folder from the just C Drive and then simply minimize all tab.
  • Then finally just click on the screen. it’ll scan QuickBooks company file.

IMPORTANT: If the other folder is listed there, please seek for it and delete it.

Step 9: Restore Company files on the most laptop

  • Open QuickBooks application (in Multi-user mode) on the most laptop
  • Tap on open and restore existing company files.
  • Choose the corporate file “Get Back to Business” and open enter Multiuser mode.
  • Now in this process just check if your hosting is always enabled and then simply visit the File. Then, faucet abreast of Utilities
  • Tap on Stop Hosting on the Main laptop. Your Company file is accessible on the most laptop.

Step 10:

Next step can like you to open Company File on different Computers. to try to do this task, you ought to understand the information processing address of the most laptop.

Open QuickBooks on the most laptop and press F2 key. Product data screen opens. From here, note the information processing Address and prefix // before the information processing address. Note this information processing on a pad of paper to create repetition easier.

Step 11: Access Company files from different Computers:

  • Open QuickBooks Associate in Nursing faucet on Open or Restore an Existing File.
  • Choose to Open an organization File and duplicate and paste information processing address with the backslash within the file name.
  • Ensure that you check the radio button for Open enter Multiuser mode.
  • Open the folder that has been shared and checks on the recently created QB-folder.
  • Now in this easy step just click company file and then just open your file. Repeat the method of step eleven on all computers running QuickBooks.

We hope that these steps resolve your drawback by each suggests that, however, if t doesn’t, or if it causes issues, get technical help from our specialists QuickBooks Payroll support.

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