Quick Homework Employers Should Do After Sharing Offer Letter

“First impression is the last impression.” As employers, you should adhere to this great saying, and try your best to make a positive first impression on the new joiners. Just like you do preparations at home when a guest is about to visit, you need to make arrangements before your employees walk through the door for the first time. Now someone would think we can take care of everything once the employee orientation programme is supposed to happen. But, what about the pre-joining formalities, checklists and last-minute preparations? Yes! There is a great need to organize a large number of events and responsibilities before inviting the newbies over.

Let’s walk you through some of the points to keep in mind as a little homework while devising plans to onboard a newly recruited employee:

Manage The Pre-Boarding Process

Prior to onboarding, there is no big deal to be taken care of, but simple emails and documents to be exchanged. For example, you need to download a standard employment offer letter template as well as an appointment letter, share it with the selected candidate after proofreading the same. Now, the hard copies of all the employment-related legal and official papers need to be handed over to the new employee. Besides, the documents necessary to be produced for background verification of the new hire are procured and sent over for initiation of the BGV procedure.

Get The Welcome Kit Ready

The company brochure, ID card, basic instruction guide and other such items are essential to be shared on the first day, so you have to manage the same. But, to get the newly recruited workforce delighted, you can give them little goodies as welcome gifts/ presents. It doesn’t only make the newbies happy, but also makes them feel valued.

Keep The Workstation Equipped

Joining a new workplace and finding the primary equipment missing or in a bad state is a huge turn-off! No working professional would want to work with an organization that doesn’t care about welcoming new manpower with preparation. A lack of interest makes the other person wonder if they are unwanted or not valued.

Inform About The Office Tour

You need to organize an office tour for the group of new joiners and spread the word across the organization about the same. This first-hand awareness is required so that the other employees spare time to get involved in the orientation and prepare themselves to welcome the newbies. The office travel round is necessary to introduce the freshers to the existing workforce.

Prepare Presentation For Induction

Accounting to the fact that induction session is the most awaited event for the new employees, it should be well-planned and properly executed. The presentation that has to be delivered on “the” day, must be prepared beforehand. The presentation should include all the crucial information such as organizational history, compensation and benefits, company policies and procedures among others. Focusing on these little things and going the extra mile to make the newcomers comfortable as well as familiar with the company is the best way to start a new journey together with them.

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