Quick Guide to Knowing How Maternity Belly Support Bands Post-Pregnancy

Maternity Belly Support Bands are designed to strengthen the abdominal and lower back area during pregnancy. The flexible lining garments may present several benefits to powerful women who are expecting, primarily through the second and third trimesters. Below we have mentioned a few ways how wearing a premium Bellefit abdominal binder after C-section can actually benefit you.

Reduces Pain and Discomfort

During pregnancy, joint and muscle pain can be frustrating, making it more challenging to participate in daily activities. A study found that more than around 65% of women report pelvic girdle pain, and 70% reported low back pain. Despite all this, women who have regularly worn a maternity binder during their pregnancy period shared that it gave immense support to their baby bump and lower backbone during routine tasks, hence decreasing the overall pain.

Offers Soothing Compression

Imagine ever going for a run without a sports bra? Sounds weird, right? The same principle refers to a budding baby bump. The gentle medical-grade compression of a maternity belly support band supports the uterus evenly while reducing movement discomfort through physical activity. A word of care: Too much squeezing on the stomach can weaken circulation, prompting adverse blood pressure influences. It can also add to heartburn and reflux.

Provide Cues for Posture

Maternity binders give external cues to your body to aid proper posture. By holding the torso and lower back, belly bands help the correct position and limit the lower back’s overextension. The typical “swayback” aspect of pregnancy is the extra weight being that eventually stretches the body to weaken the critical core muscles. At the same time, the compression binder supports the spine.

Engaging in Daily Activities

Exercise during pregnancy has many definite health perks. A study indicated that prenatal workout positively affects physical well-being. Exercise helps increase muscle tone and endurance while decreasing diabetes, depression, and hypertension like conditions. In contrast, many women cannot train or continue working during pregnancy due to discomfort and pain. Wearing a maternity belly band can help minimize discomfort and allow participation in everyday activities, resulting in physical benefits.

Safe to Wear Post-Pregnancy

Weakened core health is usual in the weeks following birth. Tissues and ligaments stretched and tightened during pregnancy need time to recover. Weakness, coupled with the hard job of caring for an infant, can be challenging and lead to distress.

Many women discover that carrying a maternity binder after birth provides further support to the lower back and abdomen, minimizing discomfort. A belly band can help ladies who have undergone a detachment of the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) by physically bringing them back together. Combined with specific workouts, a binder may aid in blocking the gap within the visceral muscles.

Important points to know about wearing a maternity belly support band.

  • Use a belly band for a maximum of four to five hours a day to prevent overdependence.
  • Do exercises that strengthen the intersecting abdominis and core muscles during and post-pregnancy.
  • Always consult your gynecologist/doctor before using any compression binder. Women with jeopardized blood circulation or irregular blood pressure may be directed against using a belly band.

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