Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Conference/Meeting Venue

Hiring a Meeting or conference venue for your organization is not an easy task, and when you are selecting one, you need to ask some questions to yourself and the agency providing the venue. When you ask these questions, you will get a clear idea about the organization’s requirements and the requirements of the individuals arriving at the meeting.

When you are looking for a conference room for the next business deal or a meeting venue for your clients, there’s a possibility of missing out on minor details. And if the meeting is happening immediately, you get caught up in many things, and it may also disrupt your other appointments.

Keep the following questions in mind while you are looking for a meeting/conference venue.


Is enough space available in that place?

The first thing you must enquire about the meeting place is the space they provide. Check out their rooms, conference hall, restrooms, AV (Audio-Video) equipment, etc. And ensure that you get the prerequisite materials on those dates.

Is the site accessible from public transit, highways, and airports?

The guests, clients, or partners will arrive through different transport modes, and the place you chose for the meeting must be near to all these places. Most of the attendees will be coming via flight; hence, a location near the airport will suffice. A place nearby the airport will surely have other transport facilities as well.

Are there any accommodation facilities available at the venue?

Your meeting or conference site must have enough space/rooms to accommodate the guests. Even if there are hotels nearby, it is important to have room for at least half of the guests ready. It will come in handy in case of emergencies such as harsh climate conditions, lockdowns, or lack of facilities in nearby hotels.

Is the atmosphere of the place appropriate?

The feel and atmosphere of the venue are essential as well. The delegates/guests visiting the site are there for serious business talks and not for vacation fun. You must ensure that the place has a professional yet elegant atmosphere.

Is the hall/room large enough for the event/meeting?

The size, space, and seating arrangement of the place are significant. It is not just the guests and speakers who will attend the conference/meeting; they might bring a few people with them. Your company or coordinator of the event may invite more people just before the event; hence, the venue must be ready to accommodate more people. You must always anticipate more people than the list of people you invited.

Does the meeting venue provide enough facilities?

The facilities like AV equipment, wireless internet, projectors, computers, and other gadgets are necessary for every meeting. These are the basic requirements of a regular meeting, and the following are some additional facilities you can provide the guests.

  • Parking space
  • Printing
  • Faxing
  • Mailing services
  • Computers and Wi-Fi in rooms
  • Food facility: Meals or snacks during the conference/meeting
  • Taxi service
  • Other basic facilities if the meeting or conference will last three or more days.

The above-mentioned questions are of real importance, and you should ensure the venue has all the facilities. And booking the venue at least a week in advance will help you avoid last-minute rush and provide you with the time to inform everyone about the venue so they can plan their travel ahead.

Written by Hannah Gilbert

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