Pros and Cons of a Spontaneous Wedding

The process of planning a wedding is sometimes so stressful that couples start to fantasize about abandoning their plans and eloping. However, for most people, reality sets in and they move forward with the plans they have made.

There are other solutions to the stress of planning a wedding besides eloping, though. One of them is to have a surprise wedding. Unlike eloping, a surprise wedding is one where the guests think they are at a party, but instead, it’s a wedding.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of a surprise wedding here.

Pro: Fewer Options

With a surprise wedding you can get the wedding you want without having to worry about someone else adding to your guest list or pressuring you with a ceremony style that doesn’t fit what you want. You also have the opportunity to get the wedding dress you really want by taking time to check on Azazie site.

Con: Not as Many People Attend

Some people are going to do everything they can to ensure they attend the wedding of a loved one. Engagement or birthday parties may not inspire these same people to move mountains to attend. If all of your closest family members live nearby, this may not be a problem. However, if someone has to travel, they may not if they think it is just a regular party.

After all, they may want to save their travel money to go to the actual wedding, not realizing this party is the wedding. Even if someone is in town, they may have a previous commitment they choose to honor rather than a party.

Pro: Memorable Moments

Unless your friends are A-list celebrities, there’s a good chance that you have never attended a surprise wedding, and the same is true for most of your guests. The second that everyone realizes they are attending your wedding is something everyone will remember.

Con: Hurt Feelings

Even if everyone you love is able to come to your surprise wedding, they may be disappointed to not have been included in your planning. If you let some people (like your parents) know what you are planning, your siblings or others may feel left out.

Pro: Lower Expectations

If there’s no time to think about the event, you don’t have to try and throw a wedding that others believe you are supposed to have. Instead, you get to have the wedding you want.

Con: It May Feel a Bit Anti-Climatic

If you let everyone know you were engaged publicly, the wedding surprise may not be as big as you thought it would. You guests may not have known you were planning to get married, but they new the wedding was coming.

The fact is, surprise weddings can be a lot of fun and reduce the stress related to getting married. Make sure to keep all the pros and cons here in mind to help you make the best decision for your situation.

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