Propane vs Electric Smoker – Which Type of Smoker is Better?

Electric Smoker

Today we discuss the best smoker for cooking. All your confusion will be cleared and it becomes easy for you to buy a smoker.

Want to know the kicker in it?

In this article, the main points of propane and electric smoker are discussed. All the pros and cons of electric and propane are mentioned. So let’s start our discussion with an electrical smoker.

What is an Electric Smoker?

In an electric smoker, heat is used to cook food. This heat is generated by electricity. The electric smoker has a vent that controls the temperature.

Before you cook your food, it is necessary to heat its elements. An electric smoker works like an oven that heats up or cooks your food slowly. The advantage is that you can add wood chips to produce flavor in the food. The best electric smokers are pit boss smokers.

Pros of Electric Smoker:

  • It is easy to control and adjust the temperature by using a dial. Some basic electric smokers might show only three options like high, medium, and low.
  • It provides the facility of the set and forgets. With the help of electricity, there is no tension about the other combustible materials
  • If you live in a flat and want to buy a smoker. Then an electric smoker is the best. Because if you choose a propane smoker, your whole apartment will get smoky.
  • For beginners, it is best to cook foods. You can also set a very low temperature to dehydrate food.

Cons of Electric Smoker

  • It will not produce high heat as propane smoker does. For this reason, a lot of time is consumed to cook food.
  • You need a good electrical connection. So that your Electric smoker constantly gets electricity to work properly. Also, you need a generator in case of a power breakdown.
  • If you put wooden chips to add flavor to the food it will not burn completely. Wooden chips are not hot enough to produce smoke rings through the chemicals they release.
  • If somehow your electric heater breakdown you can not repair it with ease.

What is Propane Smoker

Most of the gas smokers use propane as their heating source. Although they can use multiple gases to produces heat and smoke. By using a propane tank you can control the temperature. You can also set the high temperature.

Propane smokers can achieve a high temperature in less time. For adding wooden chips there is a burner at the bottom of the smoker. Wooden chips are used to add flavor to food.

Many famous bbq restaurants use Gas smokers to cook food fast. Also, the smoke has a nice smell that attracts foodies.

Pros of Propane Smoker

  • A propane smoker can be set up in an open area without an electrical connection.
  • If somehow your smoker breaks down you can repair it easily. Even you do not need any professional to fix the issues.
  • During power breakdown, you do not need any electricity to cook food. Propane is enough to cook enough food.
  • Propane smokers are available at a low price. You will enjoy smoker benefits at a low price. Also, you do not have to pay for electricity when you use gas which has a relatively low price.
  • Traditional charcoal smoker users will also give you a good review. Because they almost produce the same amount of smoke to cook food. This heat is more than an electric heater.

Cons of Propane Smoker:

  • You need to check food constantly.
  • Propane smokers need a wide area to be installed. Because smoke will spread everywhere if you use them in a close area.
  • It is not an easy job to use a Propane smoker if you are a beginner.


Both electric and propane are the best choice to cook food. Everything has its pros and cons. If you live in a flat and want to buy a smoker. Then an electric smoker is the best. It will prevent your area to get smoky but it will consume more units.

On the other hand, propane smokers are used in a wide area so that the area will not get smoky. During power breakdown, you do not need any electricity to cook food. Propane is enough to cook enough food.

Select the one which suits your requirements.

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