How to prepare yourself on the day of SAT?


Are you preparing to give SAT? While studying hard is certainly the most effective way of scoring better, but you must be looking for some study tips to help you along the way. You must know that many students can score very well by putting much less effort than others. This is because they study in a planned and organised way. They have figured the best way for them to prepare for the test according to their weaknesses and strengths in the study material. If you can figure out the best way to study yourself, you will be able to ace not only SAT, but any other exam in your life.

A SAT classroom program can provide you with a lot of strategies to prepare for the test. These strategies are actually quite handy and will help you learn and remember new topics better. Of course these strategies itself won’t give you perfect SAT scores, but them along with hard work will surely show results. They will also give you more confidence on the day of the test so that you can give your best.


Tips to remember before the test

  • Most people tend to freak out a lot just before the test. It has also been found that you are more likely to forget something about a known topic when you are in a stressed mental stressed. This is why staying calm and relaxed before and during the test is extremely important to be able to give your 100%.
  • Don’t spend your last moments studying or revising. Most of the time this last minute effort of yours goes waste. So instead spend this time pumping yourself up. Groom yourself, wear your favourite outfit and listen to the best upbeat song. Do anything that will give you more confidence. More confidence will help you give the test more calmly.
  • You should probably come up with a good calming routine if you have a problem of performance anxiety. You can perform this routine when you start losing you calm while giving the test. The best SAT prep programs will tell you that a few deeps breaths, repeating a happy song in your mind or a calming mantra might be able to calm you down.
  • Breakfast is one of the most important things that you have to keep in mind before you leave for the test. Skipping your breakfast on the day of the test is a very bad idea. Eat a proper breakfast to keep your stomach calm when you are giving the test. It might take a while to complete the test and get back home to finally eat something. And hunger can cause a lot of distraction in your mind while giving the exam and you can’t afford to waste even a second while giving the test.

  • Other that eating a proper breakfast, you should also carry some snacks and a water bottle with you to the centre. These types of tests can take a long time to get over and you wouldn’t want to be stuck without a little bit of food and water there obviously.

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