Personal Image Consultants – How Experts Can Change Your Style

As individuals, who know how to dress properly, one cannot deny the fact that he always looks at how other people dress. I guess you will start looking from the shoes going up, right? It is natural for a person to do that, especially when the fashion sense is amazing or not good at all. Some of you do not even mind how you dress because you are always in a rush to reach your workplace. While others, no matter how they tried, just can’t learn how to match clothes for the occasion.

Are you even aware that hiring an image consultant as women or men’s personal stylist is sometimes necessary? Well, you might be thinking that these experts are just for noble and rich personalities. It is true that hiring one would be costly, if you need daily services. But for a day would surely be affordable, so you should not hesitate to consult for a professional help and advice.

You should know that a personal image consultant is very much concerned about your wardrobe. He will make sure that you will look great and put on clothes that matches your lifestyle. He will not allow you to wear clothes that poorly match your personality. This person is an expert and believe it or not, he will do everything to change your style. Now, how doyou think will a personal image consultant do this?

Meeting your Stylist

Consider the first meeting with your stylist as a consultation. During this day, you will already see how wide the knowledge is. There will be a discussion about your lifestyle. Of course, this includes your daily activities, career and goals that made you decide to go for such expertise.

Basically, the stylist will have to analyze your physical aspects – body, face and hair. As a lady, your makeup trends will be checked, too. If you think or insist that there is nothing wrong with your style, then the consultant will have to motivate you and would be very honest about what style you are showing.

Sweeping your Closet

I supposed, you know that this person will go over your clothes and clean it out. Through this, he will know more about your own style and remove the stuffs that does not really suit your character. It is necessary to pull out some pieces, get them ready for tailoring and prepare a shopping list.

For the clothes that were pulled out, you better send them somewhere. Why don’t you give it to some friends or donate them to charity? By the way, go here to see how others cleaned their closet.

Shopping Time

It is very important to go shopping with the expert. Here, you needed someone to help you find clothes to mix and match. Your stylist will need to make sure that you will be choosing attires that will fit your activities – both for indoor and outdoor. Because of this, you will be more confident because it’s like the new you is about to shine.

Since you are shopping with an expert, you are not only going to your favorite shop. You may also go to the spots, where you can get the best deal. Remember that they have connections with different garment shops. It would even be easier to choose clothes from people, whom they already trust.

Fresh Look

Here comes your transformation. Your consultant will teach you how to dress properly and how to match, according to the occasion. Your new look will actually depend on your determination to change and forget the old ways.

Do not be surprised, if you will go to a salon for your hair and makeup makeover because this is a part of the new look. You will be taught on how to apply a daily makeup that will also enhance your overall look. Through this, you can boost your confidence and improveyour personal appearance. Everything will work fine, if you are going to cooperate with the consultant.

Keep in mind that after working with the stylist, you will have to keep in touch. It would be great to have someone for encouragement. At least, when services are needed, it would be easier to find one again. Go to and learn what is happening in the fashion world.

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