An overview view about SIP?

SIP is referred to as Systematic investment plan which is worldwide used by mutual fund companies. It is a convenient mode of investment, where you can achieve investments and even dividend pay outs. This ceases to be an investment plan that works for investors belonging to any age group. For all those who are looking to save tax are planning to earn money by investing in mutual funds a SIP calculators would be of immense help. A major feature is that it helps investors to cash in on their investment needs without any major hassle.

The benefits of SIP

With use of SIP no form of difficulties are encountered

In order to start using SIP does not pose to be a problem for any investor. Just you need to sign up for any of the mutual fund schemes that is available and SIP would be done in an automatic manner.

To sign up for mutual funds via an online route can be undertaken in a matter of a few seconds. In relation to the average time taken for processing of mutual funds it might take 2 to 3 weeks and after that investors can access their mutual fund accounts on a weekly or monthly basis as they deem it fit.

No need to make lump sum payments

  • SIP serves to be an ideal choice for an investor who is not in a capacity to make lump sum payments
  • For as low as RS 500 you can start investing in SIP
  • The systematic investment plan is a scheme that ends up suiting investors in every budget.
  • Even for an investor who has a large sum of money they can opt for this scheme.

For all mutual fund advisors a flexible payment option

One of the better reasons would be that this mode of investment is fairly flexible, and serves as benefit for all type of investors. For a person who opts for a SIP at any point of time they can stop whenever they are not able to continue with it. The best part is that no penalties are levied if you intend to leave the mutual funds midway.

Mutual funds do not levy any charges

For an investor to start off with a SIP there are no charges levied. Considering the financial incentives these funds have to offer the cost of such an investment plan is virtually negligible.

  • Once a SIP has been put in place investments can be undertaken in an organized and systematic manner.
  • As an investor there is no need to be worried that you might be drained in terms of financial resources.

Things to ponder before you are starting with a SIP plan?

Though SIP ceases to be a popular and attractive option of investing funds. But still there are a number of points you need to keep in mind while investing in a systematic manner. All the payments have to be made on time and you should not default with any payment. This is going to reduce the consistency with such funds.

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