On-page Optimisation – A Basic to Brief Technical SEO Checklist

Eventually, On-page SEO or On-page optimization is a trick to perform directly within the website in order to improve its search engine ranking. If you aim to drive more benefits from your online store, monitoring the performance and growth into the target market is essential. Thusly, relying upon the best SEO Company in India
is a good approach.

Here is a complete guide about on-page optimization that every newbie and seasoned SEO expert should keep into consideration.

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Let’s start today’s topic.

On-page optimization

Before you expect to learn everything about on-page optimization, getting a clear idea about ‘search console’ is necessary. Well, it is a feature to monitor your website performance, identify issues, and evaluate backlinks. You can say, through the search console of Google Analytics, Google will communicate with you if anything goes wrong with your website.

Make sure to set up a few things and check in the search console regularly.

  •       No matter, whether your site is on the top of search results with www prefix or not, you should set your domain.
  •       Search console will tell you about meta descriptions or title tags suggestions. Also, it will let you know about any non-indexable content on your website.
  •       From ‘link to your site’, you can come to know about various domains that link to your site and its content as well.
  •       Through the manual action tab, Google will suggest any problem that comes up with your website.
  •       International targeting is a feature from where you can set up the language and country, so you can target certain regions and specific people.
  •       Crawl error reports, which show all the errors that Google has found when it crawls the website over the last 90 days period.
  •       With the ‘Index Status’ tab, you will come to know about the exact number of pages of your website that are included in Google’s index. Through it, you can check if there are any pages that have been blocked by robots.
  •       Robot.txt, which is where you can edit your robot.txt file and then check out the errors. From the bottom, you can check the errors and warnings.

Since you need to leverage the free service of Google Analytics that tracks and reports website traffic. You just need to make sure that your Google Analytics package is set up and ready to work from day one, so you can measure the website traffic easily.

What benefits you can expect from this? Find out here.

  •       Through it, you can easily check your website’s speed and do corrections if it recommends any.
  •       You have launched your website successfully, right? But, what if your website performs pathetically on mobile devices? You may lose terrific traffic, and no one would want to let it be so. Just keep in mind that Google has started considering mobile users as well, so ensuring your website’s mobile-friendliness is essential.
  •       Make sure that title tags are around 50 to 60 characters long along with spaces. You should also include the most important keywords first in the keyword phrases. Never use duplicate title tags, they should be written differently for every page. Also, you should describe your title tags accurately and never stuff keywords.
  •       You should make sure that your priority keywords should be shown in the Meta description. Also, an ideal length of Meta description is 135 to 160 characters. Never allow any duplication in the content.
  •       Headlines of the articles should be around 55 characters which will ensure the SERPs visibility. Ensure for an H1 tag to the headline and subheading should be in H2, H3, and so on tags in descending order.

This is not done here.

There is vast information about this which could never be explained in a single article, keep on reading more articles for a better idea. Also, take guidance from the SEO Company if you want to become a pro in the digital marketing field.

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