Obsessed with Mahogany Shades- Hairdo Guide for Copper Mahogany Hair Colour

Nowadays, nobody waits for the grays to appear when the idea of giving a hair colour makeover strikes the mind for the first time in life. It can be as early as in the late teenage when going to college.

Do you love the rich enchanting Mahogany hair colour shades?

Mainly women in India would be highly speculative about choosing something like copper gold or golden brown hair colour due to the apparent mismatch with their skin tones. While it is most preferable to go with black to dark brown shades, there is enough of scope to get it right and spectacular with the copper tints.

If you are well decided to go out of the box with the next style statement, this concise guide will tell you everything about the different colouring options and how to apply the Copper mahogany gel hair colour to get an exhilarating and graceful makeover for your loveable hairs.

Obsessed with Mahogany Shades- Hairdo Guide for Copper Mahogany Hair Colour

What to Consider Before Choosing Copper Shades for Hair Coloring

Going with uniform blonde has become quite boring nowadays. As women across the globe are thrilled with celebrity styles, the job is not that simple anymore. However, women with blonde hair go a bit far experimenting with sun-kissed highlights, balayage and of course extended ombre coloring patterns.

As far as choosing copper hair color is concerned, it largely depends on your skin tone.

If you are someone with fair skin, go with confidence to follow Megan Fox’s copper-gold ombre paired beautifully with her dazzling black hair.

During the shooting of Padmavati, Deepika Padukone became the talk of the town sporting the all-blonde copper brown hues.

For girls with adorable curls, Tapasi Pannu’s copper highlights on the dark brown hair look magnificent even though she maintained a short hair length.

Steps to Apply Copper Mahogany Hair Color

  • Mix the hair color in a glass bowl as per the instructions on the packet
  • Apply coconut or mustard oil around the hair area to avoid color contact with the skin
  • Comb the hair properly to release the tangles
  • Wear rubber gloves
  • Now take the required portion of the hair and apply single strokes with the applicator brush
  • Cover the colored hairs with an aluminum foil
  • Allow resting period as per the instructions on the packet
  • Wash your hair using any color retention shampoo followed by a moisturizing conditioner

Why choose organic gel hair color

There are so many hair color products in the market creating much confusion when it comes to choosing the best one considering brand, ingredients and other factors. You may have several reasons to stay with your favorite brand but here are a few reasons to choose organic gel colors.

  • You get to choose from a wide variety of shades- not available in powder based hair dyes
  • The botanicals in these hair colors give you lustrous long-lasting tint without causing damage as with PPD agents
  • The herbal ingredients actually improve your hair health
  • Promotes the growth of new hair follicles
  • Prevents hair dryness and fallings

Now that you know how to color your hair to copper mahogany, it is highly recommended to go blonde only if you have a cool skin tone. For those with warm to neutral skin tones, it is awesome to go for minor highlights or ombre.

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