No Internet Savvy, No Worries: A Clueless Business Owner’s Guide to Checking Your Online Reputation

As a business owner, you know the online reputation of your brand can make or break your success. When your business has a poor reputation, your customers will lose trust in your business, your sales will decline, and you will be at risk of failure.

However, if you are new to business or new to doing business online, monitoring your reputation may seem like an overwhelming task.

Fortunately, monitoring your online reputation can be a quick and simple process. If you are clueless about checking what people are saying about your business online, this short and simple guide is for you.

Set Up Google Alerts 

One of the best tips for online reputation management is to set up a Google alert for your business name. This is a great way to be alerted every time something is published online about your business.

Monitor Review Sites 

If you want to know what people are saying about your business, consider monitoring review sites. These are sites customers use to rate and review your company. By checking these sites you can see what customers are saying, what kind of experience they had with your company, and more.

Check Your Social Media Ads

One tip for online reputation monitoring is to check your social media ads. If your ads are run on a platform that allows comments, read the comments to get an idea of how consumers feel about your brand.

Read Comments on Your Social Media Profiles 

Do you have social media profiles for your business? If so, reading the comments can be a great way to monitor your online reputation. You can supercharge your online reputation repair by using best practices for responding to reviews.

Follow Industry Hashtags 

A great way to see what people are saying about your business is to follow industry hashtags. This is ideal for monitoring mentions of your company and the overall reputation of your industry. This is also a great way to find out what your customers need, want, and expect from your company.

Ask Your Customers 

If you are wondering what your customers think of your company, why not ask them? By using surveys and polls, you can get useful information from consumers who use your product or service.

Hire an Online Reputation Management Company 

Although you can DIY monitoring your online reputation, you can also outsource this essential task. By working with online reputation management companies, you can understand your reputation and have a team of experts to manage it. If you need to outsource your reputation management, consider using this online reputation agency.

This Is How to Check Your Online Business Reputation

By using these tips, you can monitor your online reputation.

Start by setting up Google alerts for your business name. You should also monitor review sites, check your social media ads, read comments on your social media accounts, and follow industry hashtags. Make sure to ask your customers and hire an online reputation management company if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Follow these tips to monitor your business reputation online.

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