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This time of year is an exciting time in the world of cricket as many of you know that it is the beginning of a new cricket application. From cricket fans eager to find out what’s new on the market and what the new style has to offer. Next year will be an exciting one, with the ICC Cricket World Cup next door, and everyone is looking forward to an exciting cricket season. So let’s share with you everything you’d expect this year in the form of Gray Nicolls. Cricketer, with a lot of experience and innovation, Gray Nicolls seems to be interested again.

First Big Highlight of the Year

Supernova was the first big highlight of the year! Now some of you may be wondering, this is the name you have heard before, and you have to tell the truth because Supernova is what Gray Nicolls used in 2016. With one major difference, it’s not blue anymore! Supernova area is getting worse this year, with its red carpet, you have to hold on to it and leave. But this club is not meant to give explosive power, because there is no limit to its size and its area is impressively large, the length of the shower means it also offers a shorter range for players.


The second choice for this year is the Powerbow 6X! Gray Nicolls Bats chose another favorite, other than this year, a muted color scheme. The black and silver color gives a beautiful but sophisticated look. This type of bat also offers graphics, as it comes in a full bow range making it a great choice for classic strollers. Allowing shooters time to shoot effectively, grab using your perfect profile to clear the field.

The season for 2019 is Gray Nicolls Shockwave

The final season for 2019 is Shockwave. As the name implies, this bathroom is all about bragging and strength, sending waves not only on the bat, but on the ground too! The painting depicts a beautiful bathroom area, the center of which is made for something new! Finished with strong parts to ensure the least effort to reach its maximum.

There is strength and power to this long year, even if Gray Nicolls is not on offer. As always, Gray Nicolls respects the mountain tradition and is inspired by the nature of the game, as evidenced by the successful introduction of the 1970s Scoop Bath. This year they continue to bring another classic back to Powerspot. It was used by Giants like David Gower and Michael Atherton, Powerspot preferred in the 80s and 90s.


Also, the usual options like Performance Pro, Players. Select are still available and give you the kind of effort and confidence the winner has. These timeless pieces will make you urge to play, in cricket mart you will doubt the performance of the well-chosen willow, all made to shoot full-time and praise the player’s body without any problem.

In the coming year of cricket, Gray Nicolls is putting together classic and modern projects to keep cricket going.

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