Nandi Hills: A perfect destination for camping, trekking and adventure sports

If you live in Bangalore or are visiting and need a quick getaway, head straight to Nandi Hills, a picturesque place that holds appeal for family outings, day picnics and those looking for some sporty or adventurous activity. This stunning hill fortress is located a little over 60 km from Bangalore city has been gaining popularity as the perfect holiday spot for a day out with family or friends for a surreal experience and spectacular attractions. Set in lush green picturesque settings Nandi Hills has interesting options for trekkers, campers, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

An ideal Trekking Trail

Nandi Hills is one of the most popular trekking trails near Bangalore. There are several resorts near Bangalore, but if you are staying towards the Bangalore International Airport, trekking up Nandi Hills should be marked on your calendar. There are two trekking routes to the Nandi Hills. One of the trails lies to the north of the Nandi hills and the other lies to the south of the Nandi hills. Several trekking enthusiasts regularly come to this hillock before sunrise and trek their way to the top traversing through picturesque terrain at a tantalizing altitude with the cool morning breeze hitting their face surrounded by unpolluted lush greenery and a landscape that is hard to forget. Given the scenic route, a steady terrain and the enticing climb, this trek is also popular because it is of very moderate intensity and can be undertaken by almost anyone comfortable with walking. Remember to wear only sneakers or trekking shoes for the trek. You will find several Cyclists and Bikers also find their way up the hill, cheering trekkers on.

Paraglide at Nandi Hills

If you have ever dreamt of flying like a bird and soaring across valleys and mountains enjoying a bird’s eye view of breathtakingly beautiful sceneries and drifting along with clouds, then we have good news for you. You can experience all of this by paragliding at Nandi Hills. Paragliding is an adventure sport has been gaining a lot of momentum with the millennial generation. Let the adrenaline rush takeover as you gently glide like a bird, spiraling over the picturesque valley with nothing but the chilling wind in your face. Anyone above 12 years of age and more than thirty kilograms can try paragliding as it is all about meteorology, general flight area etiquette, and aviation law. The paraglider can fly many hours at a stretch if he is skilled and trained. This is an experience that you definitely want to try out if you are seeking to try your hand at adventure sports. Paragliding over the hill and the valley appeals not just to the adventure lovers, but to all kinds of tourists. The best part is that this terrain is apt for both amateurs and professionals. 

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Camping at the foothill at Nandi Hills

If you like experiential travel, then camping at one of the adventure resorts near Bangalore is a great option for you. However, we recommend a camping experience at Nandi Hills. Enjoying an amazing hill view and experiencing a typical Indian village ambiance is a real off-grid experience. There are several resorts in the area that promote camping. The campground at Discovery Village, Nandi Hills is one of them. They provide small but good tents, and welcome solo adventurers as well as families with pets. Enjoy the rustic way of life, in a serene environment, where you are unafraid to dirty your hands in the soil and wander around freely in the lap of nature. You can also enjoy a campfire under the stars.

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Things you need to carry for camping are water bottles, fresh clothes for two days, an extra set of clothes, sunscreen, and sunglasses, cap/hat, toiletries, raincoat, Personal medication (if any), a camera and Mosquito repellent cream.

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