Mind Blowing Traditional Wedding Dresses Around The World

Wedding dresses of different countries

Wedding in various countries are always different. Of this, the major variety is visible in the bride’s and groom’s wedding dresses where it varies according to the tradition, religion and culture of the country. Different colours, style, fashion, fabric, design and decorations make these wedding dresses very special and people uses this type of wedding dresses to show their culture and tradition to the whole world. Take a look at the top 6 bridal wedding dresses in different countries.


Egyptian golden wedding dress

The traditional wedding dresses in Egypt consist of two types, one with a golden colour and other one is pure white. The golden colour dress is often seen in Egyptian wedding where all the decorations in the dress are made with gold, even the colour of fabrics look gold. Lot of jewelries are included in this dress all made up of gold. Bride wear a crown shaped headdress with a collection of golden jewelries in it.

Traditional white wedding dress of Egypt

The second one is also common in Egyptian wedding where the bride wear a long white dress sometimes accompanied with golden jewelries. These types of dresses are often called “wealthy simplicity” because it is made up of simple white fabrics with high quality design. Sometimes golden embroideries are used in such types of dresses because bride love to use a lot of jewelry materials in their wedding dresses.


Mongolian-traditional red dress for wedding

Mongolian bride wear a traditional tunic dress and a highly decorated headdress. Usually the colour of the tunic is red with lot of decorations and embroidery works in it. This tunic is named as “deel” which is usually made with cotton or silk and must be coloured and attractive. Bride also wear a big, flat and round headdress with lots of jewelries and embroideries with it. This headdress reflects the wealth of the bride in Mongolian weddings.


Traditional wedding dress in Turkey

In Turkish wedding, bride usually wears dresses which made of silk, velvet etc. with maximum decorations and embroidery works with it. Wedding gowns are included with lots of embroidery works mainly with golden and silver threads. A common Turkish wedding dress is called “dort etek” which is a long skirt with three or four sections. The skirt has a number of buttons at the waist and is open down the front. Headdress is not so big and looked like a kerchief, but it is really beautiful and attractive.


Chinese traditional wedding dress

The traditional wedding dresses in China is always red or a mixture of red and white. The wedding dress consist of one or two segments with lot of embroidery works in it. The top part is tight fit where the bottom part is either wide or straight long. The headdress is like a tiara with lot of pearls, feathers and ornaments attached to it. Usually this headdress is very heavy with lot of ornaments and jewelries attached to it.


Traditional white dress of Japan

Japanese wedding dress is a little bit different with its appearance and outlook. Their traditional wedding dress is commonly called “Kimono” where the bride’s dress is completely white. They sometimes paint their face also with white colour. The headdress looks like a pope’s hat with white colour and wide in structure. Sometimes a wig used to wear the headdress over it. Bride uses a small sword and a box with hand mirror and comb attached to his bust and sometimes they have a golden or silver fan with them.


Traditional wedding dress of Norway

Wedding in Norway is almost similar to other European countries and united states. Usually the bride wear a long white dress or gown and the groom will have a black “tuxedo”. Sometimes the bride wear their traditional “bunads” which consists of embroidery, scarves, shawls and lot of gold and silver jewelries.

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