Mess-Free Snacks Kids Love During Road Trips

Road trips with family are fun, but can get pretty exhausting with little ones on board. We can imagine parents already nodding their heads in agreement. 

Although travel essentials include books and toys to keep them occupied, all that children usually want are some yummy, filling snacks. All parents will agree that snacks are key to keeping kids happy and harmonious. 

Since kids are messy eaters, you want to carry food that doesn’t end up as debris on them and in the car. They’re going to munch a lot, so you want to make sure they’re eating healthy. 

If you’re planning to travel with your kids and looking for mess-free snack ideas, we’ve got your covered. From flavored almonds to fruits, here are simple to eat, healthy snack ideas for your kids.


Road Trips Snacks

Cheerios can be eaten with or without milk, making them a great snack option for kids while traveling. Pick healthier options to ensure your kids get the best out of snacking on them. 

Mix in a variety of other organic cereals to make the food fun to eat. Top it up with flavored almonds, raisins, dried fruit or fruit for a super tasty, healthy treat.

Granola Bars

Easy to eat, nutritious and filling, what more do you want from a snack for your little one? 

A variety of these bars is available at stores to suit every palate. Pick your kid’s favorite flavor. Make sure you choose a healthier one, which is not packed with sugars and fats. 

The best way to make sure they are filled with safe, nutritious ingredients is to make them at home. You can find a range of quick granola bar recipes online. Your child and your family will surely love them. 

Fresh Fruits

Whole fruits are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, they’re juicy, flavorful and filling at the same time. 

A colorful box of apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, pear, etc. will appeal to your kid. They’re easy to carry and simple to eat. 

Top them with almonds or walnuts or side them with peanut butter to make them more enjoyable. 

Crispy Waffles

Kids adore sweet treats! And waffles can keep them smiling throughout the journey. Waffles minus the syrup are an effortless, mess-free snack option. Who said they can’t be made healthy!

Cook them beforehand using a healthy recipe with rich flavors like blueberries and they’re ready to travel at a moment’s notice. They will bring happiness on your little one’s face, especially if they’re cranky. 

Truffle Almonds

Almonds pack a punch of nutrients that can be beneficial to your child’s growth and development.

Kids might not prefer the plain variant of these nuts. Fortunately, non-gmo project verified, gluten-free flavored almonds are available to your rescue. 

Although there is a multitude of flavors, truffle almonds are your best bet. Thanks to its chocolaty, nutty taste, which children love. Since flavors are infused within the nut, they are also a no-mess snack. 

Veggie Sticks

Chopped vegetables make for an easy snack idea. And not to forget they’re a vital source of nutrition for kids. 

Select a colorful mix to make it interesting for your child. Opt for carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, etc., cut them into bite-sized pieces and pack them. While a dip can get messy, one of the ways is to coat them or put them in a jar of hummus or any other dip of your choice. 

Trail Mix for Kids

Prepare your own version of trail mix by mixing in healthy ingredients along with your kid’s favorite flavors. Take almonds, cashews, pecans, raisins, dried berries and other dried fruits or nuts of your choice. Add in dry cereal, chocolate chips and give it a shake.

Involve your family and your little one in the preparation by asking them to pick one ingredient each. This brings interesting ideas to the table and makes your child want to eat it. 

Cheese Strings

Kids are always ready for some cheesy treats. Cheese strings are delicious, filling and trouble-free snacks. You can make them at home or buy them on the way. 

This simple snack is a great source of calcium. Side them with fresh fruits or dried fruits like oranges, berries, raisins, figs, etc. to add to the nutritional value. 

Final Words

Turn a challenging road trip into a happy one with these mess-free snack ideas for your kids. They will provides healthy, gluten-free flavored almonds. Pick from a range of interesting flavors like cinnamon vanilla or black truffle for a healthy snacking at home or while traveling. 


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