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Planning a vacation with a family or a trip with friends in Australia? Is this a daunting task? This is especially so if you have a large family with people of different age groups or are wildly people with different interests. You want to take a holiday to relax and hope you do not get ready to enjoy the people around you. Imagine feeling discouraged at the end of a holiday! But do not worry about it when silver taxis are here.

Planning a family vacation requires clarification about some points which help us in planning in the right direction. Choosing the right destination plays a major role in this process. Determining that there is something in a city that makes everyone interesting, it will make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

Silver Taxis Melbourne

Melbourne is my top suggestion, when it comes to the exodus of an entire family or a visit with friends. It is a cosmopolitan city in which there is something for everyone. It is not only nightlife and parties, but also a strong knitting of culture and creative beauty. If you are going there with air, book flights so you get cheap flights and save your budget. Make a pre-booking of the taxi service so that you can get a hassle-free trip from Melbourne Airport to city after landing.

What Does Melbourne Hold:

Melbourne is a highly culturally rich city, which is very warm for tourism. There are gardens, parks, open shopping areas, restaurants with world-class cuisine and all other urban facilities which are essentially essential for family travelers. With so much to do in the city itself, it acts as a ubiquitous travel destination in Down Under. Taxis are easily available in Melbourne and if you are in a hurry and do not want to get late anytime you can book your taxi online. Silver Taxis Melbourne is a good option for you if you want to explore the city in an affordable and comfortable way.

Hotels In Melbourne:

Like all other popular cities, there are hotels and resorts in all budgets for families in Melbourne. For the luxury tourist, the following hotels are:

  • Crown Towers
  • Grand Hyatt Melbourne
  • Intercontinental Melbourne
  • Melbourne Marriott
  • Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

If you want to travel in the budget, following hotels could be best for you:

  • Novotel Melbourne South Wharf
  • Adelphi Hotel
  • Crown Promenade
  • Oaks Wrap on South Bank
  • Atlantis Hotel

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit any city depends mainly on two things – Budget and Weather Safety. Melbourne is a full-year destination in terms of weather. There is something different for the holidays in each season. From December to March, summer months are the best in the city for outdoor activities and festivals. It is also the peak season and the most expensive time to travel. From June to August there are winter months when prices collide with rock bottom because it is Melbourne’s off-season. Depending on your planned travel schedule, you can add your family holiday with the most preferred time of the year.

Best things about Melbourne:

Here we have list of some best things that you can’t afford to miss when visiting in Melbourne.

Sumptuous Food:

Australia is known for its food and world-class cuisine. From Michelin star restaurants to street food, everything is innovative and tasty to the lips. Try to explore many different styles for taste in Australia. Making a few days around the popular restaurant will be an idea that you will not regret. To know the history behind food, specially directed Food Tour, like the Queen’s Food Tour, is also a great option.

Family Picnic:

With a beautifully built urban park, it is necessary to take a family picnic. This city looks so classy so far that there is a picnic day full of happiness and quality with the family. The Royal Botanical Garden is an early place to ensure.

World Famous Coffee:

Do not miss fresh brewed coffee in Melbourne! This is a cardinal sin. In addition to the beautiful and enchanting aroma of the city attacking coffee, there is an explosion of local coffee shops that serve the most wonderful coffee. Also take some local Australian coffee beans to give home and gifts.

The Puffing Billy:

Puffing Billy Steam Train is an experience that is a century old. It takes you through the Dandenong Range National Park. Separate tickets are available for a luxury or economy package. Whatever it is, however, it is a lifetime experience.

A Picture with the Graffiti:

All Melbourne laneways are artistic for another level. Family pictures will be the same in these beautiful streets which will save you life and show to friends and family.

One day for the Free Tourist Tram:

Enjoy the extension tram network, which still gives Melbourne the charm of an old city. Family acquisition with foreign culture and heritage is always a good idea. Having some pit closure along the route will help you locate locals like the city.

A ride on the Great Ocean Road:

If you are planning a fly drive in Melbourne, then this is a great idea. It is one of the most beautiful drives in the world, with a spectacular view of Victoria’s southeast coast. It is a 151-mile drive in which there are many stops on the road that you can take to fully enjoy the Australian experience.

Phillip island:

It is a natural breakwater in which there is a bird area and a wildlife park. There are many guided tours for families. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Melbourne with more than 3.5 million annual travelers. Do not miss penguins parades and kangaroos.

Yarra Valley Wine Tasting:

Tour the Yara Valley and enjoy the day in bliss. There are many wineries that host the taste of wine which can be very fun. It can also happen with children’s chocolate tour. There are also some outdoor activities for skydiving, hot air balloon rides and the spa to rejuvenate.

 Shop at Queen Victoria Market:

Love shopping? With a huge amount of fresh Australian produce, the Queen Victoria Market is the pleasure of a shopkeeper. There are also many small shops for tourists because it has become very popular among them.

This is just the beginning. There are many outdoor fun activities to do with your family and friends in Melbourne that will be memories of life. So book your silver taxis Melbourne and see more in the city with a comfortable ride.

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