Maximize Learning From Subtopic Educational Videos

Educational videos have become an integral part of education and the use has increased a lot over the past years. By 2009 it was already the third most popular genre for learning, while today it reaches over 60% of students. As time has passed videos have become important as a content delivery tool. Today it is an integrated part of many courses.

The effective use of educational videos can be enhanced by understanding the basic science that goes behind in learning from a video. Three key elements are memory load of the video, student engagement, and active learning.

In this article we look at these elements and how you can benefit more from Subtopic educational Videos Class 10th.

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1: Memory load

Working memory has two components for the processing and acquisition of information and these are visual and auditory channels. As you may understand both of these have individually limited memory but this can be enhanced when both of them are used together. Meaningful learning can only happen when information is made in a structure and integrated with existing knowledge. This process can turn the sensory memory into long term memory which has unlimited capacity hence storing the information for a very long time.

2: Student engagement 

  •  Short videos- The maximum learning can be accomplished from videos that are not more than 6-9 minutes.
  • The conversational tone-The instructor should use a conversational tone rather than a formal one that helps students to form a social partnership with the instructor.
  • Modality- This is one of the reasons why you opt for a video lecture in the first place. Teachers at Unfold U an online e-learning app for CBSE Board have said that they use animation to explain invisible phenomena like refraction for students to understand better.
  • Energy level- You should also check that the teacher always speaks with enthusiasm and quickly because that will keep your energy levels up. Also there should be questions asked in the video to keep up the student’s interest.

3. Active Learning –

Watching a video just like reading a book is a passive activity and hence it’s natural for your concentration to wander. It’s okay that at some point your attention is not 100% but there are tools to tackle the same

  • Control options – If the video allows you to control some features like rewinding or pausing it will help you learn better.
  • Guiding questions- All through the learning there should be interaction in the form of guiding questions that will keep the mind on track.


You can enhance learning from videos by ensuring some of these aspects. For amazing videos and learning log on to.

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