Make Your Restaurant Run Smoother with these Five Food Service Equipment Trends

What do all the successful restaurant owners have in common?

Guess! Well, most of them keep looking for ways to reduce business cost. This is inclusive of everything from eliminating waste to cutting down energy while not compromising on quality standards and customer satisfaction.

In this trend-driven restaurant industry, do you keep a pulse on what is happening? A big focus is now on improved food ordering app and foodservice kitchen equipment to make everything run smoother and reduce huge bills at the end of the month.

Here are a few foodservice equipment trends you should consider:

Customers expect quick service, customization, and convenience in different aspects of their lives. When they expect so much, why not give them the best dining experience? The food service industry is trending towards automated technology. Chains are implementing kiosks, touchscreens, online food ordering techniques, artificial intelligence, and chatbots. They have started taking orders from various platforms like social media and smart TVs, giving the customer quick delivery.

1.Automated Technology

The next trend in automated technology is an On-demand Restaurant Management System. Customers want doorstep delivery without leaving their comfort place. Restaurants are standing tall to benefit by learning more about customers with the data that is driven and collected with their order history.

2. Meeting the labor challenge

Having foodservice equipment that reduces labor and enhances efficiency is must-have in every restaurant. As the kitchens are getting more compact, smaller, and smarter equipment is easier to operate and maintain, which saves a lot of time and effort.

Instructions illustrated with icons and images makes it easier for less skilled or non-English speaking workers to operate any equipment. Non-chefs can download recipes with the help of touchpad on the oven, fryer or other cooking appliance and cook a dish instantly.

Popping the food in and touching a button on the screen greatly reduces the time taken by the restaurant staff. This saves restaurateurs’ money in the long run and decreases the stress level especially of the new hires.

3. Multitap Water Dispenser

Multitap Water Dispenser will be the rage. It not only helps the restaurant make water profitable but it will still help them offer sparkling water conveniently at different temperatures. A few dispensers have flavor shots or syrup built-in. Restaurants and operators add syrup or fruit for infusions for the water derived from multitap dispensers.

4. Visually Appealing Equipment

Customers are always eager to know where their food comes from and feel that they are part of the whole experience.

Kitchen has started adopting open concepts and front of house prep. This has emerged since the introduction of natural ingredients and clutter-free menu.

Visually appealing equipment is one trend you will notice this year. This means any old, rustic or greasy equipment should be given a kick at the door. Have colorful, new, and interesting equipment that fits the restaurant theme. The new designs include fryers and ovens in bright colors. There will also be sleep touch screens rather than bulky buttons and knobs. This can also mean something as simple as investing in the new bar accessory or silverware-anything that is fun, new and appealing will do the trick.

5. Multi-functional Tools

Restaurateurs try to make the most of their kitchen area, and this can be one by utilizing equipment that handles various functions. Some of them are a combination and rapid cook ovens that have various cooking methods for preparing a diverse variety of food.

The easier it is to operate the kitchen appliance, the more relaxed the environment will be. The staff will be happier, and further, the quality of food is enhanced. All of this results in a happy and satisfied customer.

The constantly changing technology is paving the way for the restaurants to make the restaurant more independent in their niches, exploring the avenues of the service. This gives time to the chefs to come up with something more innovative and presentable.

Note: Make sure the equipment fits the bill. This will not only save you time but also money in the long run.

This time, imagine at the end of the month opening up your bill will a heart full of excitant instead of impending doom. Great, isn’t it?

Final Piece of Advice

As the energy efficient norms become universally accepted, the food industry is quickly adopting high tech commercial equipment. The tools are manufactured keeping in mind not only quality and value but also energy and water efficiency.

Trends in the foodservice industry are worth considering when you have a reliable mobile food ordering app in place. As product innovations continue to occur and evolve, make sure you keep pace with the industry trends. Your restaurant will finally have more dedicated staff offering high-quality food, and customers will keep coming back again and again.

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