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The Real Estate market is skyrocketing with the establishment of outstanding housing societies. This is because residential properties not only provide enticing facilities and comfort, but they are also cost-effective and successful investments. However, before investing in housing developments, one should thoroughly investigate the NOC (No Objection Certificate) and permission.

Only invest if it has been approved by development authorities. Last year, development agencies around the country filed lawsuits against unlicensed housing developments. As a result, anytime you are prepared to invest in housing societies, it is critical to conduct a background check.

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking licensed housing societies under the Capital Development Authority (CDA) of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Few societies are mentioned below. 

Blue World City 

This society’s master plan encompasses 5,000 Kanal of land and incorporates the most recent and sophisticated standards. This project’s total land area is further divided into many blocks that offer useful residential and commercial assets.

I’m delighted to inform you that BWC NOC has been fully approved. It’s the most recent and interesting update on this wonderfully planned and appealing home investment. Local Government Ordinance 2021 of Punjab was signed by Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar.

A new local government structure is being built in accordance with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s promise to devolve authority to the local level. Following the ratification of such a local government law, the authority to issue NOCs for the project is transferred to the Tehsil Government. Blue World City has so received NOC from the District Municipality of Rawalpindi. Previously, all paperwork had been authorized by DC but was awaiting RDA clearance. 

However, as of the latest LG Ordinance 2021, BWC no longer requires RDA verification or approval. Congratulations to all BWC Islamabad plot holders who have been waiting for the NOC permission for a long time. It is undeniably good news for all Blue World City investors since it provides the desired sense of pleasure and trust in their investment.

Lahore Smart City 

It is the country’s second Smart City. During all of this, Lahore Smart City (LSC), the world’s 22nd most inventive city, will open its borders. Due to the growing demand for residential structures in Lahore, FDHL and HRL agreed to collaborate on the development of a premium and huge Smart City. Lahore Smart City, like Islamabad’s Capital Smart City, will have all the contemporary comforts that make it a slashing project.

It is a legal housing estate in Lahore, Pakistan, has been authorized by the LDA (Lahore Development Authority). The Lahore Smart City is an LDA-certified community that allows you to buy residential and commercial properties without risk.

However, due to its enormous success, this project has received a lot of attention. The competent authorities approved this housing project in February 2021. LSC presently owns over 16000 hectares, which is likely to increase. Plot prices have risen because of the NOC permission for Lahore Smart City.

Capital Smart City 

This project is destined to become a highly desirable private company in Pakistan within that same short time span due to its gorgeous scenery and cutting-edge technologies.

The initiative’s mission is to establish an environmentally pleasant atmosphere for its citizens. This community offers various advantages to individuals who desire to live in a perfect environment alongside their loved ones. Individuals’ business and housing demands will be met by Capital Smart City. This private housing development has been granted around 55,000 Kanal of land.

RDA has officially authorized Capital Smart City NOC. CSC would provide sustainable and environment-friendly Smart living and will be the region’s best living destination. Smart City NOC is ranked 45th on the RDA NOC authorized list of housing societies. It is one of the area’s legal lodging developments.

The community’s earlier NOC has been amended due to new land purchases. For the construction of this region, Capital Smart City has acquired an expanded and updated NOC of 17,602 Kanals, as well as preliminary planning authorization. Congratulations! With a maximum of 25,000 Kanals NOC-certified land from RDA, it has become Pakistan’s biggest NOC Certified Smart Housing Project.

Park View City 

Park View City, finally, is an innovative residential complex located in Islamabad’s Zone IV. It is one of the CDA-approved housing projects in Islamabad that provides its inhabitants with an opulent lifestyle.

Park View City includes luxury facilities, a limitless supply of amenities, healthcare, and medical, educational institutes, walking zones for pedestrians, parks, relaxation, and quiet. It is one of the largest housing societies in the country, covering an area of 5000 Kanal. It provides a luxurious lifestyle as well as a rewarding investment.


We’re almost done! The above mentioned were among Islamabad’s most well-known and well-known CDA-approved housing communities. Consider investing in such CDA certified properties if you desire a high level of living with high-end facilities or a cost-effective investment. 

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