A lifeguard is a person who has professional expertise and is responsible for keeping swimmers safe in the water. Lifeguards supervise and work in different environments and weather

Like public pools, water parks, fun parks, oceans, etc. Lifeguards work outside, and they are subjected to various types of weather conditions. Their work is very physically and mentally demanding as they come across different situations while at work.

Professional Qualifications Of a Lifeguard:

A lifeguard has to go through formal training and a certification course or program to start working as a lifeguard.

To be a certified lifeguard, he or she has to complete a lifeguard training program and first-aid training. A lifeguard should also possess CPR, first aid, and automated external defibrillator (AED) certifications.

 He should also be an outstanding swimmer, a quick and right decision-maker and be perfect in using first aid, AED, and life rings. He should have excellent physical condition and stamina without any respiratory problems. Above all, he should also be an experienced lifesaver.

Roles Of A Lifeguard:

The purpose of a lifeguard is to monitor and supervise water activities.

Accident Prevention:

The first and foremost responsibility of a lifeguard is to prevent the accident. It is often said that prevention is always better than cure. So Lifeguards try to avoid any mishaps and accidents from occurring.

Excellent Communicator:

A lifeguard has to be a unique and impressive communicator and possess excellent interpersonal skills. He should be able to communicate in a clear yet polite and calm manner to the swimmers. He can communicate verbally, or by using different signals using hands and whistles.

Life Rescuer:

 Lifeguards are trained professionals who have hands-on training on various rescue techniques for helping swimmers when they get into a difficult situation. They are trained CPR and AED to help swimmers in difficulty. Alpharetta swimming pool management has a pool of well trained and certified life rescuers in the form of lifeguards whom you can count on with closed eyes.

Keen Observer:

A lifeguard should be a very enthusiastic and sharp observer. He should continuously observe swimmers and patrons around the swimming pool and looks for any dangerous situation which could be avoided timely before it becomes a mishap.

Good Knowledge of First aid: 

First aid training is a prerequisite to becoming a professional lifeguard as they are responsible for reaching to various emergencies in the pool or water. Lifeguards should be professionally skilled in handling cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR )and AED skills, head & spinal injuries, and other medical emergencies such as epilepsy.

E spirit de Corps:

It means” United we Stand.” This implies that teamwork is very for a lifeguard. It is impossible for a lifeguard to works alone because they are part of a team who has the prime responsibility for keeping people safe in the water.

Other responsibilities of a lifeguard include:

Executing safety procedures to swimmers. Alpharetta swimming pool management has lifeguards who very smartly and confidently ensure to implement and execute safety procedures to patrons and swimmers calmly and politely.

Regular inspection of different rescue and recreational types of equipment to see whether they are functional or not and requesting repairs and replacements if needed. They should be capable enough to respond in a time of emergencies and be able to rescue distressed and scared swimmers very tactfully. Alpharetta swimming pool management has lifeguards who are smart and capable enough to help swimmers in distress. They should be physically fit and capable of carrying afflicted and upset users to a safe place using flotation devices and calling an ambulance in cases of critical situations and injuries.

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