Learn To Read Quran Online – 5 Ways To Defeat Shaytaan

Learn To Read Quran Online – Do you know about your enemy who stays with you and try his best to destroy you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally? I think you can understand that is Shaytaan who be familiar with our weaknesses.  As a result, he grabs our attention to perform the sinful things and we do not have control over our nafs. He works all time scheming against you, never taking a rest for a minute. He waits humbly for the times when you become weak and then he will take advantage of your weak emotions.

He hates God and his followers. He is our ultimate enemy and there is no doubt about it. When Hazrat Adam was created by Allah, Shaytaan was so troubled about Allah’s glorification of a life made from clay, which was much lower in his view to his creation from fire, that he disobeyed Allah Almighty.

Now with a risk like that where Shaytaan declares he will have authority to attack upon us from every front. So we require to make sure that we should well-protected. Here are some tips to keep well-guarded us and defeat us from our greatest enemy.

Shaytaan in the Quran

Shaytaan is constantly declared in the Quran. Allah educated us by Quran that the Shaytaan is our big and true enemy. In a verse, Allah speaks: “O you who have faith, move into Islam perfectly and completely and do not track the path of Shaytaan. Because he is your clear enemy”. 

And in another verse, Allah advises us that Shaytaan is our biggest enemy and He advises us to learn to read Quran online. In this way, we will save ourselves from Shaytaan. There is a list of too many verses, that get our attention to where Allah describes the shaytan’s hostility and final goal for us.

Sympathetic Enemy’s Tricks and Tactics

As you know, Allah has described the shaytan in the Quran very well. Allah advised us that the shaytan is proud, disobedient, dirty, and loves all dirty deeds. So, whatever the Shaytaan likes, we must keep far away from the dirty enemy. To stay away from his attractions, we need to know the tricks and tactics of the Shaytaan.

The Shaytaan made a promise from Allah to keep us away from Allah’s path and involve us in evil and sinful deeds. We should learn to read Quran online to save ourselves from him. From many verses, we have to know that the Shaytaan is always on a mission to finish us and our future in the hereafter.

Remembering Allah

Allah Almighty is the lord and protector of the world. As Muslims, we not only have faith in this fact, we also love Allah more than everything else. Therefore, we always wish to meet Allah almighty after this life like that He is glad and pleased with us. From Shaytaan, we should regularly ask for Allah’s protection.

Allah has given us chance in this world to connect with Allah to make our lives peaceful. If Shaytaan tries to keep us away from praying and remembering Allah, then a better way to defeat him that to make sure to learn to read Quran online. Also, offer five-time daily prayers and always Allah’s remembrance is one of the top significance in our lives.

Offer Prayers and Adhkar

Salaah is a mystical preparation did by Muslim followers at least five times a day. There is a lot of conversation on the significance of Salaah. Physical significance is one of them. Salaah also keeps us protect from Shaytaan. The knowledge gets about Salaah will help to make our health and fitness better.

And by offering prayer five times a day, we will get blessings and protection from Allah from Shaytaan. Any Muslim who does not offer prayer cannot protect himself in this life and hereafter. We must also do adhkar in the morning and evening that taught us by the Holy Prophet (SAW).

Reading and Understanding The Quran

From Quran verses, it shows to us that true followers of Islam cannot be persuaded by Shaytaan, so we should always try our best to make our faith strong. This is only the one way to defeat Shaytaan by holding the Quran, recognize and integrate its teachings. Reciting the Quran is more important than understanding.

Shaytaan cannot stay at the place where Quran is continuously recited. There are many sites are available to find the best tutors for teaching the Quran. You can improve your reading with online sites help and make you protected from evil.

Saying Bismillah

Do not swear words to Shaytaan. Because when you will curse him, he becomes inspired and proud, as a replacement for say “Bismillah”. You just speak that “in the name of Allah” and Shaytaan will go away from you. Ensure before doing anything that you worship Allah and say Bismillah.

Shaytaan’s power will not have any impact at the place where everything will be started with Allah’s name. Even when you enter and leave your home, you should always say Bismillah. It will not only bring the blessings of Allah to your home, but it also protects you and your home from Shaytaan. Saying Bismillah is about refining your tongue, your heart with the reading of the Quran, with the performing the name of Allah.

Staying in Ablution

Shaytaan does not touch a person in a form of wudhu. Because he is sheltered by an angel that is sent by the Kindhearted (Allah). The Prophet (SAW) told us: ‘Wash your bodies, and Allah will also wash you.

There is not an employer who snoozes in a form of wudhu, but that an angel attends him in his apparels and he does not move in bed and say that ‘O Allah! please forget your Servant sins, for he has snoozed in a clean form (Wudhu).” The Prophet (SAW) always used to stay clean himself with ablution. It is one of the best ways to keep you protect from Shaytaan and evil thoughts. Allah loves those who remain clean and defeat the greatest enemy.


So, all Muslims should try their best to do the above-mentioned tips to keep themselves away from Shaytaan`s goal to follow our religious responsibilities successfully. May Allah always save us from the devil. Amen!

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