Know What Your Perfume Says About Your Personality

Choosing the right perfume is quite a task. It is a time as well as money consuming process. Many of us even do not understand from where to start. You have to consider factors like which type of perfume you want, the classical one or a niche one. You have to think about the occasion on which you are going to use it and the most important thing you have to consider is the perfume you wear reflects your personality. The fragrance you use tells a lot about your personality. It has been said that the reason behind one’s attraction towardscertain perfume is because of their characteristic traits.

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Initially, perfumes were being used in order to cover the body odor, but with arrival of deodorants, usage of various perfumes became a luxury to express one’s self. Nowadays, men as well as women select and wear the fragrances of their choice. Majority of them even cannot start their day without making use of perfume spray bottle . As they are judged by their choice of fragrance, people are ready to spend time and money to choose the best perfume. So, let us find out what does your perfume says about your personality.

1. Marine- If you are an admirer of aquatic scents with marine notes, then you are a dreamer as these fragrances with the freshness of sea are considered to be the choice of dreamers. People who prefer these refreshing scents are casual, cool in temper but are sophisticated and intelligent. Their acts are always spontaneous and they love to do things differently. As they are water lovers, they are fit and full of energy.

2. Oriental- If you adore oriental perfumes, then you are a lover of spicy and warm fragrance. There are two types of oriental perfumes, continental and traditional. Although, they are different from each other, both of them have a touch of boldness. Those who love to wear such type of perfume are considered bold, sexy and the person who will not shy away from showing sensuality.

3. Floral- If you choose a glass perfume bottle with fragrance of jasmine, lily, or rose then you are a fan of floral perfumes. As the name suggests, floral perfumes are made by gathering the scents of aromatic flowers. Those who like these perfumes are feminine and friendly by nature. They can be sometimes flirty. These people love to visit places and spend most of the times outdoor. These people are most probably down to earth and take the life as it comes without caring much about the things. They can be happy in small things and always wear a smile on their faces.

4. Gourmand- Do you love the fragrances which smell a bit like food items? Then you are a lover of gourmand perfumes. These perfumes consist of delicious fragrances like vanilla, honey, almond, chocolate and many other smells which are enough to make your stomach crave for delicious food. Gourmand fragrances are mostly meant for the sweet girls who just love to enjoy the life without taking it too much seriously. Men who love these perfumes are also of jolly nature.

5. Green- The person who is elegant, stylish and classy but love to lead life in little bit dramatic way are attracted towards green perfumes. These perfumes contain extracts of cucumber or green tea an smell fresh and crisp. These are really refreshing to one’s mind and hence you get attracted towards these perfumes again and again.

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6. Fruit- If you are drawn towards fragrances with fruity notes then you are fun-loving person. You are a lover of bold and bright colors. You are an energetic person who loves to move around happily. People around you love to have your company.

7. Wood- As the gourmand fragrance is meant for women, wood fragrance is meant for the men. Thosewho adore perfumes with woody notes are considered solid, reliable and friendly. They can easily get along with anybody but are strong about their opinions. This is how your choice of perfume reflects different shades of your personality. So, it becomes important to make the choice wisely by spending good time over it.

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