It’s time to make your car spring ready!

Finally, the season of hibernating has gone.  Now you can get over the nip in the air  and start enjoying the sun. For summer lovers like you, it is the time to take a vacation to soak in the sun and enjoy the pleasure of the pleasant breeze filling up your senses. Well, you seem to be spring ready. But is your car ready for all those lengthy trips to unknown locations? Well, if it’s not yet, then it’s time to show it some love.

Ø  Tips to make your car spring ready!

The winters, the ice, the snow, the salt can be really harsh on you and even your car. Sometimes the vehicle is thoroughly damaged, and you have to give it to the truck wreckers in NZ like Auto Wrecker. They take such damaged vehicles to their yards and recycle their parts for the betterment of the environment. You benefit by getting some cash for such cars. But if your vehicle isn’t damaged to that extent, just these maintenance tips are enough to make them running like new once again.

o   Change the oil and filters — You probably forgot to drain off the engine oil from your vehicle during the winter months when your car wasn’t used much. There are very high chances that lots of moisture and debris along with some salt got settled in this oil; and this might damage your car when you start it again. It is better that you change this oil entirely along with cleaning the filters. And if the filter is really worn out during this time, change it as well.

o   Check and replace the fluids — Never ever drive your car with the fluid that was already present during the winter months in the system. There are very high chances that even these fluids got contaminated during this period and can affect your engine’s life a lot. It’s better to replace entirely before you start operating your vehicle again.

o   Check the car lights — If your car faced heavy snowfall, probably the head and taillights of the vehicle are malfunctioning. It’s better to check and repair the same before the grand season of spring drive.

o   Pay attention to the belts and hoses — The belts and hoses of your engine might wear down during the winters because of extreme chilly weather. Don’t forget to get these checked. And if any of it is broken or loose, replace it immediately.

o   The tyre damage —Some of the tyres are especially created to manage the winter wear and usage. But if you don’t have such tyres and yet you drove your car in the snow, then probably the damage is already done. Such tyres require a mandatory replacement when the season changes. And when you are replacing the tyres, don’t forget the wheel alignment process as well.

Apart from all these internal parts, you can also check the physical body of your vehicle. See if the car has lost its colour and gleam because of the snow and salt. And if this is the case, you have to clean it or even repaint it before you take it out for the spring drive. You definitely don’t want your car to halt in between in this wonderful weather and delay your picnic and even look unpleasant in the beautiful backdrop of spring!

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