Is the charcoal barbecue harmful to health?

Many often wonder whether or not charcoal barbecue is harmful to health. Several studies show that it can be a factor that can lead to cancer. That being said, there are some ways to make healthy use of a charcoal barbecue.

The real risks of charcoal barbecue

In truth, the main risks of using a charcoal barbecue are fire and burn. Fires are often caused by the use of gasoline or methylated spirits while lighting the appliance. Indeed, these flammable substances can cause an explosion. Also, embers tend to stay hot for many hours after use, which can cause burns if inattentive, among other things.

How to use the charcoal barbecue healthily?

To minimize the risk, it is imperative to take certain steps when using a best lump charcoal barbecue:

Favor the vertical barbecue: There are now models of vertical charcoal barbecue that allow grease to be evacuated to the side, thus preventing it from spilling onto the embers.

Purified charcoal only: Having been processed, purified charcoal is not associated with other harmful substances.

Position the grill correctly: When cooking on a planet conversations’s best charcoal barbecue, food should never be cooked directly with the flames. They should only be cooked by the heat of the embers. Therefore, it is imperative to place the grill more than 10 cm from the embers so that the food does not come into direct contact with the flames. Also, this allows to have a suitable cooking temperature (around 200 ° C).

Use the fire starter properly: If you are using a fire starter, wait until it is completely consumed before cooking. When using the barbecue, you should never restart the fire using a fire starter.

Cleaning after each use: To minimize the health risks, it is better to wash the grease trap, the grid and the plancha. We can also simplify the task by cleaning them in the machine.

Beware of fatty meats: When cooking fatty meat, you must always make sure that the fat cannot spill into the embers.

Favor lean meat: Cooking lean meat can be a great alternative, as it greatly limits the flow of fat into the embers, but also allows for healthier cooking.

Using marinades: Marinating meat or fish has multiple benefits. Among other things, the marinade allows antioxidants to sink inside after exposure to heat. Also, once marinated, the meat only produces a tiny amount of PAH and AAH, if any.

How often to use the charcoal barbecue?

Experts advise against daily use of the charcoal barbecue. To avoid the risks, it would be best not to barbecue more than twice a week. Certainly, even if we respect the instructions for using the device so as not to be subjected to toxic substances, nutritionists claim that overuse of this type of cooking could alter the antioxidants and minerals due to the strong temperature to which the food is subjected. Therefore, we can brown fish or meat and not vegetables so that they do not lose their nutritional qualities.

Is charcoal barbecue carcinogenic?

When grilling meat, it is often brought to a temperature of 500 ° C. However, it should be noted that from 200 ° C, the proteins found in meat react with creatine. From this are born harmful molecules called AAH (Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines), substances known to be carcinogenic. Also, when the meat cooks, the fats liquefy and flow over the embers. This subsequently produces PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) which are released in the smoke. 

Likewise, most models of barbecues have devices that allow good temperature management and prevent the production of smoke and the spillage of grease into the embers.

We can therefore say that the use of a charcoal barbecue does not cause any real adverse health consequences. While cooking with the appliance can produce toxic substances, the risk of being affected by cancer only becomes apparent with very regular use of the barbecue.

Charcoal barbecue cooking and diet

Cooking with a barbecue brings many virtues to the body. As food is subjected to high temperatures, it loses a lot of fat. Nutritionists also claim that it is from cooking on the barbecue that we can afford to consume more fatty meats without risking weight gain. That said, those who don’t want to lose their weight should still avoid cooking certain foods on the .

For a balanced diet, you must also know how to vary the pleasures when cooking on a charcoal barbecue. Each time you cook with the appliance, you can, for example, alternate shellfish, fish, meat, poultry, and so on. As an accompaniment, it is quite possible to use raw vegetables salads, a little whole meal paste, etc.

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