Ideas to motivate children to read and learn better


In today’s competitive world, it is not just enough to provide good schools and teachers, but also to keep motivating kids to keep learning continuously, as things keep changing rapidly. Research conducted by some Australian universities concluded that youths have difficulty in learning and understanding new concepts. This difficulty is primarily due to a lack of motivation during their childhood days. It is crucial to develop reading habits from a young age to keep doing them regularly. Australian parents motivate kids to read and write by getting them many things like attractive art supplies, kid’s library bags and other learning toys. Children adore them as they are colourful and will get more inclined towards going to a library to read more books.

Interesting School supplies

For a certain age, the school supplies act as a motivating factor for kids to attend school. There are a lot of school supplies in the market today that is not only attractive but also more functional. We have sharpeners attached with a box to collect the sharpened waste from the pencil, eco-friendly stationery items made of paper and more. Moreover, some are very new, like the kid’s library bags used for carrying books, as mentioned in the above paragraph.

These modern-day school supplies not only motivate kids to go to school but also help them in staying organized. For example, there are a wide variety of highlighters to highlight essential points in a text while studying, multi-coloured notebooks for maintaining notes for different subjects/topics, etc.

Activity-based learning

Traditional teaching methods have become outdated as there are so many mediums to teach new concepts like The Smart Classrooms and tools to help kids learn various concepts practically. There are readymade kits available for kids to do projects, solve puzzles, writing to learn using tracing boards and stencils, etc.

Kids get more interested in these methods as the concepts are being taught to them practically. They understand them quickly and try to apply them in their day-to-day life. This method tends to increase self-learning and sharpens their aptitude and skills. They will never forget the concepts as they do not do rote learning in such methods.

Going on short trips

Parents should take their kids on short trips to places like museums, places of worship, sanctuaries, and wildlife safaris to make them learn more by directly looking at the place, animals, objects or whatever is available for them to know and understand. Travelling is also a type of education. Kids will not only enjoy but get to learn more about the environment and the society surrounding them.

For example, suppose a child visits a wildlife sanctuary. In that case, he will get to know more about the animals, birds, their eating habits and different environments in which they live, which will easily make them understand the difference between a domestic and a wild animal.

Thus, there are more ways a child can be motivated to read and learn as this period of childhood is the most precious in building habits and becoming better human beings. A child should get all the required study materials, a proper place to study, parents to support them and teach them when required, and a better environment to grow. They should also be encouraged to share their materials with other kids and encourage them to study along with their friends to explain different concepts and make learning easier.

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