How to stop autistic child from screaming


It is a spectrum which is known as or closely related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism spectrum disorder is developed a disability that affects on children in many ways, such the disability is shown in children are they behave silent moody, not interact with other and they live alone with their friends and their family and do screaming anytime anywhere.


Children are very innocent or very cute. In childhood situation, they need to grown up and make their future bright because every children have their rights to grown up and become a successful man in their life.

But the main problem is Autism or many other diseases, they are major issues to get a children live alone with other.       

In this situation kids are behaving or suffer mental disorder they need parents support to attract with them more time to spend with them and play with them.

Some kids on the spectrum begin showing signs as young as some months previous. Others appear to possess traditional development for the primary few months or years of their lives then they begin showing symptoms.

But up to 1/2 of the parent of children noticed that ASD problems by the time their child reached twelve months, and mostly parent notice that problem after the 2 years of children’s age. Children with ASD are to know that through their behaviour or symptoms. If any things is liked by autistic children they try to behaving stubborn or screaming and crying.

What causes of Autism

Until recently, most scientists believed that syndrome is caused principally by genetic factors. however groundbreaking new analysis indicates that environmental factors may be necessary within the development of syndrome.

Babies could also be born with a genetic vulnerability to a syndrome that’s then triggered by one thing within the external surroundings, either whereas he or she remains within the female internal reproductive organ or someday once birth.

It’s necessary to notice that the surroundings, in this context, means that something outside the body. It’s not restricted to things like pollution or toxins within the atmosphere. In fact, one in every of the foremost necessary surroundings seems to be the antenatal environment.

Signs and symptoms of autism in their children:

  • If anyone call with their name they don’t give a response.
  • If you are trying to do some things new with them they not follow your gesture.
  • They not to make eye contact.
  • They not playing with their friend and not feel enjoyment.
  • When you repeat the words, again and again, they don’t respond to you.
  • They have the ability to repeat the words.
  • During the sleep time, they screaming, crying and rolling on the bed.

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To stop an autistic child from screaming

Respond quickly to sounds that your kid will build. once your kid makes a sound (even if you’re unsure they’re making an attempt to speak), move quickly and supply one thing, though you don’t grasp what they’re requesting.

Show that each word spoken leads to associate degree action. Teach action words and nouns related to actions first. These words are the simplest to retort to and show the ability of language. (E.g., if you teach the word up, you’ll decide your kid up once they use the word. In distinction, if you teach the word table, there’s no specific action to require as a result of victimization this word. Effective nouns could be ball or cup.)

Celebrate each try at communication! If your kid tries to mention a word, cheer and celebrate wildly!! you would like your kid to be excited to undertake and take a look at and take a look at once more. this suggests not solely celebrating success (saying a word correctly) however each try and energy on the method.

Have to do this:

  • Don’t give a rude expression.
  • Give a good facial expression and give a fine voice tone.
  • Talk to them with a cool mind.
  • Should be treated with love and smile.
  • Play a puzzle game with them.
  • Spend more time with them.
  • You should try to become a child then treat them.


If you baby or child are suffering from the autism and he/she are crying or screaming any time you should need to politely to silence them and take care of themself.  

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