How to Stay Healthy And Attractive Effortlessly

The Internet is bombarded with numerous steps to stay healthy and attractive such as, do exercise, eat less, and count calories, and so on. But nutritionists have a different take on it. Take a look at these steps that will help you to stay slim, healthy, and fit with the least amount of effort.


Don’t count calories

Instead of calories, quality food is what matters the most. According to a study sugary drinks and processed foods is the main cause of weight gain. So pay attention to how healthy the food is and not how many calories it has. Plus, consider adding multivitamin tablets to your diet as high quality best multivitamin fill the nutrients requirement that you can’t get from food alone.

Add vegetables to your plate

We have been reading this since childhood that fruits and vegetables are the keys to good health. As they are a good source of water fiber and necessary microelements. According to research, having fruits and vegetables daily to improve your health.

Don’t give up on your favorite food

Yes, you read that right! People decide to avoid favorite products but can’t keep it up forever, which makes them eat a lot and gain weight. To avoid such situations either you eat what you want once in a week and enjoy every piece of it without feeling guilty or go for the healthier version of your favorite junk food for example instead of a regular pizza go for a gluten-free, grain-free cauliflower pizza.

Have a protein-rich breakfast

Adding protein-rich food for diet makes you feel full for a longer period. As they reduce the level of the hunger hormone called ghrelin.

Move, Move, Move

If you have a desk job make sure to walk at least 5 minutes for every hour you spend sitting. You can walk to the floor above, go outside in a park or take the stairs. This will help you to stay active throughout the day.

Avoid packaged food

You can quickly eat a whole packet of chips, candy, or cookies in 5 minutes. If you are finding it difficult to leave this habit of yours.  Take mini-steps, next time whenever you grab that pack of chips puts all the chips on a plate, this will help you to control how much you have eaten and when you have to stop.

Go for big meals

According to a study, a large portion of food or meal containing water fiber can prevent overeating. For example, a big bowl of salad will make you feel for a longer period than a handful of nuts. And don’t forget your multivitamin tablet for complete nutrition.

Reducing sugar intake to 6 spoons

High sugar intake in your food can increase the chances of getting type 2 diabetes, which can also lead to obesity. According to health experts , daily sugar consumption for women is 6 tbsp and for men is 9 tbsp.

Drink warm beverages

Warm beverages help in decreasing the amount of metabolic waste, due to which the process of aging slows down. Tea or a glass of warm water 30 minutes before a meal improves digestion, metabolism, and blood circulation.

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