How to Select the Best Carport Kits?

A carport is a free-standing or attached structure that is used to keep vehicles safe from the natural elements. They offer less protection than a conventional garage because most carports do not have four walls, but they can be a cost-effective way of providing secure parking for your vehicles. Carports can be easily assembled as there are a number of carport kits that are readily available. However, while selecting the best kit, it is important to remember some points that can help in buying. In the following sections, we take a look at some of these points that can help in purchasing the best carport kits.


Key Points to Consider Before Buying a Carport Kits:


  1. The Material of Carport – One of the defining factors of a carport is its material. Carports can be available in two variants – metal or timber. While timber carports can look beautiful and can be painted as desired, they can also decay fast and are prone to termite attacks. Comparatively, metal carports are fire-proof, sturdy, and long-lasting. Metal carport kits can be available in two options – aluminum and steel. Aluminum is cheap and light, and it may not last long as compared to steel. Steel carports are manufactured from Colorbond steel and offer ample ruggedness. Moreover, they are completely customizable and can come as free-standing or attached.
  1. Size of the Carport – One of the main considerations while selecting a carport kit is the size. If there is more than one vehicle that needs protection, then you would need a bigger carport, but installing the same will need more space as compared to a single carport. Also, the available area where the carport is planned to be installed is also an important factor. It will help in deciding whether to go for a single or double carport.
  2. Choice of Carport Roof – Every carport kit comes with a different type of roof as they are mainly of three types – skillion, flat roof and gable roof. A skillion roof or one-sided sloping roof carport can be very useful to ensure that rain, leaves, or any small object does not accumulate over it and falls down so that there will be no accumulation over it. Vehicles underneath the carport can enjoy a large upper front area, which makes parking an easy exercise. A flat roof carport will have equal spacing at its ends, and the roof will be just like the roof of any other structure. Comparatively, a gable roof carport will have a slope on two sides so that there is no accumulation over it. Depending upon an area and an owner’s choice and preference, any one of them can be selected for the purpose.

  1. Selecting a Roofing Material – A carport roof can be available in two choices – colored steel or zinc. A colored steel roof can look more appealing, but at the same time, it can be a bit costly to install. On the other hand, a zinc roof may not look as glossy as colored steel, but it can be a cheaper option than the latter. Depending upon the budget and preference, you can choose either of the types.
  2. The Installation Plan – A carport kit has to be installed after buying. Hence, it is important to plan its installation in advance. Many kits come in DIY types so that they can be assembled with minimum help. However, there are some kits that may need some professional intervention for proper installation. Hence, depending upon a type of kit, an owner should be ready to either get it installed with someone’s help or hire the services of a pro.

Concluding Thoughts


All these pointers can help any carport kits buyer to make the best purchase. Identifying these points is also important because a carport can be a long-term investment, and one may have to put in enough funds for the purchase. Therefore, carrying out due diligence can help in selecting the best carport kits.

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