How to open a salon in Dubai

How to open a salon in Dubai

Dubai’s beauty sector is flourishing. People are migrating to the emirate in greater numbers, and many of them have lots of disposable means and a good level of life, so it stands to reason that they’d prefer to look their best, with well-groomed hair, skin, and nails.

Due to their potential for profit, beauty salons in Dubai are a desirable industry for business owners.

An outline of the beauty salon sector

Being attractive is big business. The market for spas and beauty salons has recently surpassed $150 billion globally, and experts predict that it will continue to grow at a 6% annual rate through the year 2026.

Today, Dubai boasts more than 3,500 beauty salons and has established itself as one of the top locations for pampering and self-care, home to some of the best hair salons in the world.

There are still many prospects for new companies to enter the market and for small enterprises to develop and create new or multiple branches because growth is predicted to continue for the foreseeable future. You can check out open a branch in Dubai for more information.

How to obtain a licence for a beauty parlour in Dubai

To obtain a licence for a beauty salon in Dubai, several procedures must be followed.

Choosing a name for your salon is one of the first stages. Entrepreneurs in Dubai must be mindful of specific regulations while naming their companies. First of all, it cannot share the same name as an already-established company in Dubai. Furthermore, no offensive or blasphemous phrases may be used in the name.

Last but not least, initials and abbreviations are not authorised when using your name in the company designation; only your surname and forename are accepted.

The location of the firm is another crucial stage. A mainland salon business in Dubai will need a mainland licence, and firms in the Dubai Free Trade Zone will need a free zone licence.

Additionally, the Health and Safety Division must certify that the salon’s chosen location is safe to operate, and the Dubai Municipality planning department must approve it.

Next, you must submit a licence application. In Dubai, there are two different types of beauty salon licences: one for women’s salons and one for men’s salons.

The licences essentially cover the same territory. A women’s salon with a licence can perform hair and beauty services. Washing, trimming, colouring, straightening, and other hair care procedures are included. Skin exfoliation, hair removal, and manicures and treatments for the nails are examples of cosmetic procedures.

Hair care, including cutting, colouring, straightening, and strengthening, is once more covered in a men’s salon. Hair removal, foot care, and aesthetic facial treatments are all cosmetic procedures. For professional assistance and support you can visit Company Liquidation in Dubai.

Documents needed for a salon licence 

You must present a few documents with your application form if you want to be considered for a salon licence.

  1. Copies of the firm owner’s passport and visa, as well as those of any additional shareholders, are required as personal documents.
  2. The trade name certificate, a description of the salon’s expected operations, and a copy of the memorandum of association must all be included on the business side. A lease agreement or mortgage papers, as well as documentation demonstrating that you have received approval from the planning and health and safety divisions of the Dubai Municipality, are also required.

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