How to Maintain Windows Size & Position of Applications upon Startup


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Maintain Windows Size & Position


We’ve heard this several times and how much time have we actually tried it ourselves?We usually spend half of the day on our computer screen. We use multiple shortcuts to eliminate excessive clicks and work as it reduces the struggle and adds to our productivity at work. Just the way we use to keep our workspace highly organized with the equipment and material we require on our daily basis, it is crucially important to systematize our computer. We use several applications on daily basis, it consumes much of our time and effort when we have to open and arrange the apps every time.

We use multiple browsers, MS Office files, and other desktop applications every day. If you like to keep everything in order, you open up the application and re-arrange its window size. While using multiple applications, you prefer to get a centralized view of all the applications you are working on at the same time. A 360-degree view of your work eliminates the overhead of switching between the applications every now and then.  


Track Your Productivity


While start working, we are passionate to achieve more in less time. We start with making schedules and milestones to accomplish by the end of the day or week. However, every day we unknowingly spend so much time on activities that already consume our energy that ultimately delay our success. For instance, if our browser tabs have been closed, we restore them manually, if you forget to save your MS Office files you spend time recovering them with multiple tips and tricks, or if you always arrange your desktop screen before start working, you spend much of time in resizing the windows and giving them the right place on your screen. All these activities unwittingly consume your effort and time. 

How awesome would it be that every time when you switch on your computer, everything has already arranged the way you did previously? Today, some high-end productivity software such as SmartWindows helps you keep every application well-organized with its enhanced capabilities. A single click restores everything for you that ultimately curbs the excessive number of clicks and switches. With SmartWindows, you can easily adjust the screen positions in Windows 10. Both the windows size and the position in Windows 10 can be managed without giving much of your effort every time you open your computer. With this, you will be able to track your productivity and get to cover up a maximum of your work in less time.


Windows Size Management – Manual vs Automatic


This highly digitized world calls out for the solutions that make life easy. The world is moving towards automation whose ultimate purpose is to reduce the manual effort and do maximum in less time. When it comes to resizing the window size and its display position, you might lookout for ways that could reduce the steps and give you an instant solution. 

We often require to manage the size and position of the window when we are working on more than one desktop application. It reduces the excessive switches between the application and you get a consolidated view of all the tasks and apps at the same time. For this purpose, we manually resize the position and size of the window and display it in the most appropriate place on our screen.  Manually, whenever you open your computer you would have to resize the window according to your choice. 

Automatically, all you need to do is install SmartWindows into your computer and get everything organized with just one click. Not only this, SmartWindows provides a wide range of enhanced capabilities and features to your Windows 10 that ultimately contribute to your productivity at work.


Features of SmartWindows


Some features of SmartWindows include:


Restore Windows Size and Position:

Restore desktop applications to the same window size and position with one click. Arrange the windows of apps on your computer at your desired position and save the configuration. The very next time when you will open your computer, the app windows will appear on the screen accordingly.


Unlimited Profiles:

You can make unlimited profiles on your Windows 10 that could help you manage the different nature of work of multiple users efficiently without any hassle. A dedicated profile would help you streamline all the tasks in an effective manner. In this way, the work, multiple projects, and designing tasks can be managed on one computer.


Save Browser URLs:

SmartWindows allows you to save and restore the browser URLs with just one click. You do not need to spend much time restoring the URLs and browser tabs and everything will be sorted with just one tap.


Supports for MS Office files:

Multiple MS Office files can be opened and restored at the pre-defined positions. This does not require any manual work to do by the user.


Resolutions Support and Displays:

SmartWindows support multiple displays and screen resolution capability that makes navigation and switching easy for the user.


The Bottom Line

Work becomes more efficient with a smart approach. The ultimate manual steps can be reduced to a certain extent by employing automated solutions that play a critical role in increasing your productivity at work. You do not need to manually organize the Windows size and position according to your taste every time, with just one click restore your Windows settings and make them even smarter. The shortcuts solutions save much of your precious time and effort without compromising the system performance.



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