How to Install The McAfee Virus Scan on a Linux PC?

Many people don’t even know that there are security software programs for Linux devices. The numbers of Linux users are very less as a comparison to Windows or Android. Most of the virus and malware programs are designed for Windows and Mac OS. But it doesn’t mean that there is no malware for Linux. There are also various viruses and malware that can harm your Linux computer. So, many security software companies provide antivirus programs that are specially designed for Linux OS. McAfee antivirus is one of the top antivirus programs provide advanced security tools for Linux device. You can easily install this antivirus plan with McAfee Activate Product Key.

For installing McAfee on Linux, you have to download the McAfee Linux package with the help of ePO GUI. Then you will require uploading it to the Linux server. Now follow the given steps:

  1. Upload the Installers: You have to create a new directory with two subdirectories. Now upload the virus scanner enterprise and ePO agent packages.
  2. Extract and Run Installer: Now you have to use the unzip command to extract the pages. Use execute .sh file to start the installation process.
  3. ePO Service Check: Once you install an ePO agent successfully on your computer; check the ways to verify your installation process.
  4. You can also check the logs of McAfee agent with the given command

[root@centos-7 epo]# ls /opt/McAfee/CMA/scratch/etc Cabundle.bin SiteListTemplate.xml       SiteList.xml

  1. Check ePU GUI status

Check the ePO GUI status on the new entry system trees and then you can proceed to actual McAfee installation.

  1. Extract and start the installer

You have to change the path to VirusScaner Package. Now extract the package with the unzip command. After extracting the package you have to execute the configuration file for running the installer.

  1. Configure ePO VirusScaner

While ePO virus scans installation; you will get various parameters. Pick the setting according to your requirements that can be chosen as default.

  1. McAfee Virus Login

Search for local host:55443 and then login with the user name as nails and enter the password for connecting to McAfeeVSEForLinux. Once you login to McAfee VirusScan for Linux then you can easily check your device security status and can also schedule your scan with McAfee antivirus.

How to uninstall McAfee VirusScan and ePO agent from the Linux device?

If you want to uninstall McAfee ePO agent then firstly you have to uninstall McAfee VirusScan and only you can uninstall the ePO agent. Find the directory where you have installed the packages. Now remove the packages with the help of rpm command.

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Top McAfee antivirus features for Linux computer

  • Cross-platform protection

If you have McAfee installed on your Linux computer then you don’t have to worry about malware program. McAfee blocks all the malware from Windows OS from entering on your Linux environment.

  • Automatic updates

McAfee provides automatic updates for McAfee antivirus that ensures that your device is always running on the latest version of antivirus. Updating the antivirus regularly is necessary to keep the system secured from new threats.

  • Centralized Management

McAfee VirusScan antivirus is the only scalable tool that manages and enforces the antivirus protection and policies.

  • Real-time protection

McAfee antivirus offers real-time protection that means your device is always secured from all kinds of threats.

  • Access new kernel instantly

You can access the scan protection tool instantly without any kernel hooks that saves lots of time.

  • Best Malware Protection

McAfee uses heuristic scanning for detecting new threats and remove them instantly.




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