How to Increase My Apple Tree Crop

When people grow trees that produce fruit, it is generally accepted that people are going to want to try to produce as much fruit as possible. After all, why would someone put the time and effort into growing a fruit tree if they didn’t want the fruit that comes from it? With that being said, even if you are diligent about picking the fruit as soon as it is ready, there may be the chance that your tree simply doesn’t provide enough fruit to satisfy you.

While you could certainly consider looking at other apple trees for sale to increase the overall yield of fruit, the first thing that you should do is try to narrow down the reason why your apple trees aren’t producing as much fruit as they should be. If you can find and remedy the problem, there’s a very good chance that your current tree will start producing the amount of fruit that it should once again, which should satisfy everyone.

Finding and Fixing the Problem

First things first; you should try and check the health of the apple trees. Usually, if a tree is not producing the amount of fruit that it should, this is because there is something wrong with the tree or its roots. If you have done a thorough examination and you didn’t find any signs of bad health or problems with the tree itself, you will want to consider the location it is in and whether or not the soil has all the nutrients the tree needs.

In order to produce fruit, a tree has to have a fair amount of nutrients. Even if the soil is what it should be, you can always increase the amount of nutrients in the soil by using one of the common blends of soil meant for fruit-bearing plants. You can often find these at your local garden centre. And finally, you should consider watching the flowers as they bloom and eventually turn into the area where fruit will grow. If you notice problems with the flower or the budding fruit, then you will want to work on remedying that so that your tree can produce the apples that you and your family want.

What About Buying a New Tree?

One reason why your apple tree may not be producing as much fruit as it should is if the tree is old and dying. As with all living things, your tree can eventually reach the end of its lifespan and die. This can be due to natural age, a heavy storm, or even an infection running rampant under the bark of the tree. No matter the cause, you will want to try to replace the lost tree.

The most efficient way to do this is to go to to look at some of the apple trees for sale that are offered. Before you know it, you will be able to find a tree to replace your old one with, replenishing the apple yield you get to harvest each season.


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