How To Grow Kratom?

grow kratom

Have you ever heard of the relative of coffee known as kratom? Kratom is a tree that many use as a natural home remedy to alleviate fatigue, diarrhea, pains, and many more. It also works as a stimulant, making you feel more energic when you eat the leaves or extract.

Learn more about growing this effective natural remedy by reading on. This guide will teach you what you need to prepare and how to grow kratom.

What You Need to Know Before Growing Kratom

Kratom trees are native to places that are humid, hot, and experiences heavy rain. You need to find a place with enough moisture and heat, mimicking a “tropical rainforest.” To successfully grow kratom, you need to imitate the environment where it thrives the most.

You need to avoid places with a dry atmosphere to let the kratom seeds grow. Note that not every kratom seed will sprout since some will stay dormant no matter your care. The longer you wait to plant the seeds, the more the viability rate will decrease.

To get a viability rate of at least 10% to 20%, you need to plant the seeds when you separate them from the parent plant. If you get kratom seeds two weeks after separating from the parent tree, you may be wasting your money. You need to plant the seeds immediately to avoid losing their freshness.

Find the Basic Requirements

Before you learn how growing kratom works, you need to prepare with the right tools and plans. The first requirement is to have fresh kratom seeds. You also need to find a place that isn’t always flooded with water, but it shouldn’t be too dry.

Consider investing in a humidifier or a fan if your atmosphere is too hot. It will help with the production of alkaloids if you give the kratom a warm breeze. Kratom trees also need plenty of light throughout the kratom growth cycle, and keeping a warm artificial light around the seeds also mimics rainforest conditions.

Make sure you have nitrogen-rich and slightly acidic soil for the best results. They are plants that are very thirsty for water, so the soil needs to be consistently damp. The best time to water the seeds is when the soils almost completely dry up.

Harvest and Powderize the Kratom Leaves

In two to three years, you’ll have a full-grown kratom tree that can reach up to 82 feet tall. However, within a year of growing kratom, you can already harvest its leaves. The kratom leaves are most active before they detach themselves from the tree.

Once you’ve collected some leaves, it’s time to powderize the leaves to make kratom capsules. The best way to dry the leaves is by leaving them under the sun without the stem and veins. Then, powderize the dried leaves using a food processor, coffee grinder, or pepper mill.

Once you have the powder, you can simply consume it or mix it with some juice to avoid the bitter taste. You can also make kratom tea or kratom capsules for easier consumption. Mixing it to your savory foods or baking with the kratom is also no problem.

Grow Kratom For Your Wellness

Kratom does have its benefits, but you have to be careful of the doses to avoid its side effects. Learn more about kratom by checking out our other guides. We’ve got tips and information that you need to know about kratom.

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