How To Draw 3d Optical Illusions On Paper

Learning how to draw 3d optical illusions on paper is easy. All it takes is for one to have the patience to understand what is being displayed and have an open mind to new techniques that can be introduced to them. It does not require any particular background knowledge or expertise to be able to achieve this. All it takes is to have the desire to learn, a good sense of self-discipline, and of course good art skills.

  1. The first technique to be introduced in learning how to draw 3d optical illusions on paper involves the use of a variety of tools. These tools are meant to be used to help the artist create the optical illusions. One of these tools is the eye mask. Eye masks can be made out of various materials such as cloth, paper, plastic, metal or cardboard. Some artists prefer the use of paper, while others go for the durability and flexibility of wood or metal eye masks.
  2. The second way to perform the art involves the use of colored pencils. When these pencils are wet they can easily go through the small holes found on the eye mask. After these pencils are dry they can be used to outline the areas where the eye will be. It is also important for the artist to make sure that there are no lines or shadows present on the mask as this would ruin the realism that is supposed to come from the eyes. After all, if this were the case then the entire process would be considered an exercise in futility.
  3. The next technique to be introduced to beginners in how to draw 3d optical illusions on paper involves the use of a paper plate with a hole at one end. This paper plate is placed over the eye and the hole is made by drawing a cone through the center of the hole in the plate. The resulting image makes it appear that the eye has moved.
  4. Another easy technique is done by tracing the eye on a piece of paper. Once this is done it is cut into the desired shape and placed over the eye. It is important for the eye mask to be as large as possible so as to allow for the movement of the eye. If the eye mask is too small, the eye will not be able to move out of its position relative to the mask.
  5. A final step in the how to draw 3d illusions on paper series is one that may seem a bit strange. In order to do this a sheet of colored paper needs to be laid down that is covered in plastic wrap. Next a pen needs to be dipped into some black ink and the wrapping paper need to be removed. Next the paper will be wrapped around the pen making sure that the bottom half of the paper is covered in the plastic wrap while the upper half is left open.

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