How to color your hair like a Pro 2021

Hair coloring is the easiest, safest, and best way to change the way you feel and look. Coloring your gray hair could be the second reason, but coloring your hair is a good idea if all you want is a style change. By following the below tips you can achieve the style and color of your hair you want.

What is Hair Color?

Hair color is technically just a combination of lights reflecting off the shaft of your hair. These combinations depend on the pigments used and the light in which they are visible. There are different types of hair color. Permanent hair color continually changes the look of your hair shaft and reflects light. It cannot be washed off, and the only way to reverse the process is to go through a different chemical process. So only choose a permanent hair color if you want a long term change. It is not recommended to dye the hair previously dyed with metallic paints or even colored with plant-based henna.

How to choose the color

Dyeing your hair shouldn’t be an inspired decision. What looks good on one complexion may look bad on the other person. Always choose your color according to your skin tone. To see if you have a light or dark complexion, here’s a test. Are you tanning? Then you are a dark complexion. Warm skin tones, olive or wheat tones, and look great with a golden tint – bronzes or undertones darker than the skin. African, Asian, Americans, and Latinos fall into this category. Jet black is not a good idea for all skin tones, and it just makes the skin look washed out. The other complexion is cool, which will look great with brown and copper hues. Red wines make almost all hair look remarkable, but not all red tones go with all skin tones.

Undertones are also an essential factor in choosing the right color. The color that the hair is seen is the light reflected off your lock of hair’s surface. There is always a lighter shade than the one you applied that will reflect your hair and add shine to it. If this is compatible with your skin tone, it will work, or you will end up with an unwanted halo.

Permanent Color for Gray Hair

Permanent color is more suitable for gray coverage. However according to Vibrant, if you are not ready for a permanent change, choose a semi-permanent shade lighter than your color. This hides and highlights the gray.

It is an excellent idea to do a strand test on your hair before deciding on the shade you want. These days, easy-to-use, self-applied hair colors naturally give you a glimpse of the color you will ultimately get. On the other hand, the package’s model’s hair color is not the same as the color you have on your head. You also need to consider your base color. When it is dark, then you may notice no change after color application.

If you’re happy with a test, be sure to leave the dye on for the same amount of time after natural application to achieve the same shade.

How to apply hair color

If you are a hobbyist and this is your first time taking an interest in hair color, don’t go with permanent hair color and only choose semi-permanent. The advantage is that semi-permanent colors will be washed off after a few hair wash. So if you are not sure, there will not be much damage. However, if the purpose of dyeing your hair is gray coverage, the semi-permanent may not do the job completely. Either way, it’s a good idea to wait at least two days after using shampoo before starting to color your hair. Even then, full conditioning should be done before dyeing the hair.

After a patch test, carefully follow the instructions written on the packing for the hair dye application and mixing steps. Remember, this is a strong chemical, and mixing or applying incorrectly can put your hair at risk. The ends, the last inch of your hair, are more absorbent than the rest, especially if you have long hair. Start by applying the color from the head of the hair’s primary end, but stain it well until the very end, especially if it is a semi-permanent color. Wash well after the recommended time, but never forget to use a conditioner.

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