How to Choose The Best Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers for Your Boutique

Your boutique is only as good as the merchandise you sell. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right items as well as the right supplier. With so many options of where to get your products, it can be hard to know where to shop.

This is especially true of jewelry pieces, where many factors affect the piece. Quality and style are two aspects of your jewelry you must always take into account. Finding the right jewelry supplier is essential to get the right pieces.

Here is your guide to choosing the best wholesale jewelry suppliers for your boutique.


It’s All About Trust

As with any business relationship, finding a wholesale jewelry supplier is all about trust. If you don’t trust the business you’re ordering from; then you shouldn’t work with them.

You want to make sure their wholesale business is legitimate before you place an order. They should have a place you can contact them if there’s an issue. Whether you contact them by email or phone, be sure they’re responsive.

Check for any feedback about the company from other business owners. Both negative and positive feedback will give you prudent information. If there are many negative reviews, you probably don’t want to work with that supplier.

You can also ask other boutique owners if they’ve ever ordered from that supplier. Peer opinions and personal experiences can help you get a better idea of what working with that company may be like.

A good working relationship with a wholesaler is essential to find companies to supply your business.


Check the Trends and Styles

It goes without saying, but fashion trends and jewelry trends change quickly. From season to season, you’ll see different colors, metals, and styles that are in fashion.

If you want your boutique to compete with others, you too need to stay in trend. It’s important to know what’s on-trend in the current season and even more important to know what will be trending in future seasons.

Before you place an order with a wholesale company, you should do some trend research. First, find what jewelry styles you’d like to sell in your boutique. Are you classic or contemporary, colorful or neutral?

Once you know what style of jewelry you’ll sell in your boutique, do runway research. Check out runway shows to see what colors, gems, and metals the designers are using.

This can help you focus on what on-trend pieces to be on the lookout for. Knowing trends can also help you choose a wholesaler. If their pieces seem out of style, you may not want to place an order with them.


Compare Wholesalers

This step is essential. You never want to place an order with the first wholesaler you find without comparing them to another. Check multiple suppliers and compare their prices and styles.

Does one supplier specialize in a certain type of jewelry? Are they known for something in particular? Do they have a large collection and a variety of pieces to choose from?

For example, choosing a supplier like Wholesale Sparkle will offer you a wide selection specializing in silver pieces. Find the niche your boutique fits in before finding the jewelry that you’ll sell.

Be sure to browse through various websites and take stock of their products. Take note of what you like and don’t like about them before creating a top ten list of the suppliers you like best.

From this list, you’ll have a good foundation of wholesalers you’d like to buy from.


Do Product Trials

Before you order anything for your store, you should do a product trial of the jewelry pieces you’re looking to sell. Every business owner should be confident with the products they offer their customers.

A product trial will allow you to test out the jewelry before you list it for your customers to buy. Place a small order before you buy in bulk. When the jewelry pieces arrive, check them out for quality.

Make sure they match the image from the website. Check to see if they feel cheap or easily breakable. Wear the pieces throughout the day to see if there’s a problem with weight or the pieces snagging on clothes.

A small business often doesn’t have the luxury to do trial and error with their customers. So it’s important to get a product right the first time you place it up for sale.

If you love the products during the trial and feel like the products are good quality, put them in your boutique with confidence. If the jewelry isn’t as good as you expected, feel free to move on to another supplier.


Research Their Policies

Arguably the most important step before you order from any wholesaler is to become familiar with their policies. Early research into the policies they offer can save you a lot of headaches down the line.

One of the most essential policies surrounds returns. Find out the exact terms of their return policies and compare them to suppliers. If the return policy seems like a hassle, it may not be worth putting the time into ordering.

Research their payment methods. Is their payment platform safe and secure? What payment options do they odder?

How they do payments is essential and can tell you a lot about the company. If their payment method seems sketchy, you might not want to take the chance with that company.

Other policies you should check are minimum order quantity and stock availability.


It’s Starts With the Right Jewelry Supplier

The products you sell are a direct reflection of your boutique. The quality and style are essential to good merchandise. And that’s especially true when buying jewelry for your boutique.

That’s why it’s essential to choose the right jewelry supplier for your store. The wrong supplier can be detrimental to your business. However, following this advice will help you choose the best suppliers for your store.

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