How To Choose And Style Your Leggings Correctly?

Leggings are practically the most variable comfortable wear that one can live their life in. But often, when it comes to choosing the right pair for you, it sounds quite waggish. That is because leggings are the most versatile garment in our closet. But unless you know your basics right, choosing correct leggings is a big deal. Since most of the girls forget that leggings are not pants, they might just end up with a camel toe if they do not wear them correctly. It can be a complete turn off for many. Therefore, to wear your leggings correctly, go through the following points before choosing the right one for you. 

1. Correct Size: –

The most important factor that one must keep in mind before choosing a pair of leggings is the right size. Leggings should neither be too tight nor too loose. In fact, it should perfectly fit your body without any trace of body shape or celluloid. Also, loosely fitted leggings make you look clumsy and sloppy. In both cases, it becomes quite an unpleasant sight. So, to avoid such situations, simply ensure your correct size either by measuring it yourself or by any professional. Also, remember always to choose the larger size if you are in between two sizes. 

2. Perfect Length: –

Leggings come in varying lengths, and therefore what and how you choose to wear is entirely your personal choice. But before you make such a choice, it is important that you consider the right length, or else it might look that the outfit has not been put well together. A full-length legging that goes below your ankle forms soft pleats making it perfect to be worn with kurtis, tunics and long tops or pair with boots in winter.

Similarly, ankle-length leggings look perfect with dresses, capes, coats, jackets, etc. However, knee-length or three-quarter leggings are mostly used as workout clothing like running, hiking, walking, going to the gym, or doing yoga. Lastly, stir up leggings can be the best choice for styling with practically anything in your wardrobe, especially a dress or a skirt.

3. Variety of Colours: –

Initially, leggings were only available in all white, off-white, and black. But now they come in different colours and contrasts. Name any colour that comes to your mind, and you can get it in no time. And the recent variations are the neon-coloured leggings. With so many varieties of colours and contrasts, dressing and styling yourself can be of great fun. 

4. Preferable Patterns: –

Just like various colours, leggings are also available in a number of patterns. Starting from prints, zigzags, checks, stripes, dots, etc. there are multiple numbers of patterns from which you can choose accordingly. To style yourself like the best, always be experimental but never go overboard or outlandish. 

5. Right Fabric: –

While cotton and lycra are the most common and comfortable fabrics for leggings, suede, and leather fabrics are also quite interesting fabrics that you might want to try as these are extremely stylish and make for an amazing fashionable outfit. Polyester, spandex, and nylon materials are also very popular choices for stockings, gym, and activewear. 

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