How to Choose a Locum Tenens Agency

Locum tenens work has become standard practice in the healthcare industry. It has benefited both the health worker and the medical facility in many ways. Since temporary assignments are as abundant as ever, many physicians look at locum tenens work as an opportunity for greater flexibility.

Most physicians that prefer locum tenens work or would like to accept temporary assignments as an extra source of income typically look for an agency. Agencies are responsible for finding the right assignment for you, along with other administrative tasks. The agency also provides benefits for the locum tenens worker such as insurance and other privileges. But, how do you choose an agency that matches your career goals?

Payment should come from the client

While it’s true that the agency takes a cut from your pay, it doesn’t mean you need to give money to receive an assignment. Always ensure that you choose an agency that doesn’t ask for any upfront commission. A reputable locum tenens agency should receive payment from the medical facility and compensate you based on the contract signed.

Compare benefits

Firms and agencies pop up and take advantage of the large demand for locum tenens workers. But, these agencies aren’t created equal. As suggested by, you need to find out as much information as you can about the agency. You need to conduct a background check on the agency’s experience, and a list of previous clients. If possible, check the list of benefits and services they offer. You may also want to evaluate how professionally they handle the recruitment process. A good agency should also have a good number of jobs available for a variety of skills and disciplines.

Be clear in expressing what you need

Before choosing an agency, you need to set a clear and specific career goal. For example, you can state that you’re looking for a part-time job in a specific state expecting a particular pay grade. Consider all your requirements, along with your family if you’re bringing them along. Be specific about the position or assignment you want so that you can determine whether the agency can meet your needs.

A locum tenens agency should offer excellent service and communication

During the entire process of evaluating your assignment, negotiating the terms, and conducting interviews with the agency, it’s expected that they should excel in communicating with you. As they are recruiting you to be a part of their team of professionals, they need to show commitment to providing the best service possible. You need to be able to feel their interest by how they answer all your questions in detail. The agency should also add value to your employment by going above and beyond what you expect. If there’s an onboarding process, the agency should be present. Until you receive and start working on your assignment, communication lines should be open at all times.

The role of a locum tenens agency goes beyond recruitment and assignment. It’s a relationship with mutual benefits and should be delivered with the utmost professionalism.

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