How long does it take to get British passport after citizenship?

You need to attend a citizenship ceremony if you are 18 years of age or above and have successfully applied to become a British citizen.

If you get British citizenship under the Windrush scheme you can choose if you want to attend a citizenship ceremony.

Also, it is very important to understand that the basis of British citizenship application approval is for eligibility factors to be fulfilled, such as knowledge of the B1 level of English language and passing the Life in the UK test.

Citizenship Ceremony

Generally, you attend a citizenship ceremony within 3 months of receiving your invitation letter from the Home Office.

Your local authority will confirm to you if any restrictions are there – for example, if you can invite guests

You could have an online ‘virtual’ ceremony if your local council offers it. You can attend alone or with members of your household.

When to begin a passport application?

You will also be needing to pay for the application. The cost will depend on the service you wish to select:

  • First British adult passport, one-week service – £97
  • First British adult passport, standard service: £72
  • Standard renewals, amendments or replacements, standard service: £72
  • Renewals or amendments for same-day service – £114

A standard service on a first, adult British passport, generally takes a minimum of six weeks between submitting your passport application and getting your passport.

Attending an interview for a British passport

If you are applying for your first adult British passport, you can anticipate the questions on identity & Passport to be asked in an interview as part of your application.

Interviews usually last for about 30 minutes. The purpose of the interview is to verify your identity.

Fast-tracked services are available with a minimum fee, these however only relate to passport renewals and replacements, not new passport applications.

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