How Emotional Intelligence Can Bring Self-Empowerment

According to Travis Bradberry, emotional intelligence is one’s ability to recognize and comprehend emotions in oneself and other people and then use this understanding for self-regulation and relationship management. Having high emotional intelligence not only brings inner peace but also improves anger management. 


In an educational institute, everyone emphasizes professional growth through crystallized and fluid intelligence so emotional intelligence (EI) is ignored repeatedly. In fact, emotional intelligence is just as important as any other kind of intelligence. The good news is that EI helps in being more productive at work, at school, or any other place or task.  


The connection between EI and Personal development

Humans are always striving to be better than yesterday in the form of new goal settings, new learnings, and much more. We know that EI is about developing self-awareness, emotional regulation and then using this skill at home and in professional settings for different purposes like a promotion at work and conflict resolution with wife or kids. 


On some level, we all have a target to be the best version of ourselves and EI can make that process relatively easier. In addition to it, people with emotional intelligence are considered to be the best leaders because they can easily pick up the emotions of their team members and then help them accordingly. 

5 Key Factors In Emotional Intelligence


When there is a lack of awareness regarding one’s thoughts and behaviors then there is a high chance of upsetting others and living an upsetting life. So, when there is a lack of insight into emotions, it means that the individual’s feelings are like a wild horse. This kind of carelessness on multiple levels can be extremely damaging for social settings because the person will be hurting others and still not recognize it. Hence, it is imperative to develop this awareness and regulate feelings.

Emotional regulation

EI develops the understanding that emotions are energy in motion which demands attention to a particular need. The ability to manage one’s emotions tells that an individual is not controlled by his mood and there are strategies that can be employed to keep one’s emotions in check. Hence, consistent and skilled emotional regulation leads to trustworthiness among people.

Expression of empathy

Empathy is about seeing the world from another person’s perspective and being able to connect with and validate the feelings of others. For example, a person’s neighbor might be going through a tough time due to his kid’s illness so it becomes important to show kindness and empathy. This will not only benefit the empath but also the receiver because the bond will strengthen and grow manifold in the future. 

Management of relationships

In a professional setting, EI will help in becoming a competent leader and a dependable colleague with whom people want to have conversations and share responsibilities. 


On the other hand, in a home setting, EI can help in better conflict resolution like an individual’s adolescent boy shows carelessness with electricity use which results in an increase in the bill at the end of the month so instead of shouting and blaming the young man, the father uses his EI to keep his emotions in check and then move forward for a calm and productive conversation with the boy. Hence, this kind of conversation results in a better outcome and preserves the inner peace of the home.


Aggression is another issue that calls for skill improvement because it can hinder the growth of relationships so a person can take anger management classes for it. As we know that meditation helps in keeping emotions in check, so an online meditation course can also be a pragmatic choice. 

Internal motivation

There are times when it is hard to find the motivation to do anything and some people lack more drive than others. For example, at work, there is a difficult and new project assigned to the worker, he feels demotivated to work on it. Another example for a home setting is that there are a lot of dishes to do after dinner and the person feels exhausted to do anything. The wonderful news is that EI can help and make the process easier. EI tools will help beat procrastination and do the task anyway. Hence, with repeated practice, it will become simpler and easier to manage the impulse of procrastination.

Final thoughts

Self-empowerment and emotional intelligence go hand in hand. It not only helps in a professional setting but also at home. Anybody can learn it through a bit of effort as there are many options available that are online and also offline. For improving skills online, there are self-development courses available e.g. online meditation courses for improving emotional intelligence.

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