How does Fast Food is making you weak and Unhealthy?

Addiction to food is a subject discussed because it is very sensitive. Nobody really wants to recognize the phenomenon among those who are the object nor among the producers of these products who do it however on neurobiological bases. Addiction to the whole, unprocessed foods is rare, but it does exist. On the other hand, we all know the phenomena of incoercible bulimia with “craving”(Great and urgent need) that some people present with food products. It ranges from chocolate bars to packets of aperitif “cakes” which have nothing to do with pastry but a whole blend of refined products to which are added substances which in the laboratory increase food intake to bulimia, salt, sugar, capsaicin, industrial trans fat, and baking products.

In reality, pleasure is essential for food intake, but it is a priori difficult for us to differentiate it from addiction in our food world where the most diverse and most sophisticated products abound in terms of their composition. The merit of this work is to have carried out an experience of weaning ultra-processed products in real life. Some individuals experience sadness, irritability, fatigue, and the urge to consume ultra-processed foods at the cut-out. Some don’t.

Fast foods are more and more numerous and the meals eaten in these chains are also increasing. In India, one in three meals is taken in a fast-food restaurant. However, the effects of junk food are numerous on the body. If there is a fight between healthy vs junk food challenge then obviously healthy food would be won in terms of health

What are the effects of fast foods on the body?

Fast foods are favored by more and more people. In a fast-paced society, they are the perfect havens to eat fast, without having to cook and without breaking the bank. However, excessive consumption of junk food only has negative effects on the body. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, renal failure, sedentary lifestyle, osteoporosis, are all diseases caused over the long term by this food.

Why are fast foods bad for your health?

The food offered in fast food restaurants is too sweet, salty, fatty, and contains additives. These four elements explain why fast food is so bad. Less known than the others, the latter is carcinogenic in certain forms. Its massive use in fast-food chains to maintain taste, freshness, and appearance is clearly dangerous to health. With saturated fatty acids, it is cholesterol and a cardiovascular accident that threatens.

Above all, these foods are too high in energy. It is this aspect that causes obesity and is at least partially to blame for the rise in cases. On its own, a fast food meal barely meets a day’s nutritional needs.

Worse than this abundance, burgers, fries, pizzas and other sodas are sorely lacking in vitamins, calcium, and key nutrients. If energy intake is important, it is far from efficient.

This causes deficiencies and the absence of dietary fiber provides a favorable ground for cancer, especially of the digestive system.

In what limit to eat fast food?

These many negative effects are especially recognized when there is an excess of junk food. Eating there once a month will not be a problem if the food challenge is healthy and balanced. In any case, regular physical activity must be practiced to eliminate all these bad things for the body.

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