How Can You Make Your Phone Better For Gaming?

Mobile gaming is a rage in India presently. Estimates suggest that the number of smartphone gamers in the nation will touch 370 million by 2022. Today, users can find different handsets in the market, especially catering to the gaming segment. Nevertheless, most budget and premium phones can handle moderate gaming activities. 

If your Vivo mobile under 15000 or any other budget handset model is not performing optimally when you play games, following a few simple tips can help. These nifty little hacks will prioritise game performance on your handset, allowing you to enjoy the title of your choice.

Improving gaming performance on smartphones: 4 Tips to follow

  • Remove cached data periodically

Whenever you visit a website on your handset, certain data is automatically stored in your handset. While such information is not important, it takes up a significant amount of your smartphone’s internal storage. Clearing this cached data every 5-10 days can ensure smoother gaming on your handset.

To clear such data, open your phone’s ‘Settings’ and navigate to the option marked ‘Storage’. You will find a section named ‘Cached Data’. Make sure to clean the same for all apps. Alternatively, you can clear this data individually for each application.

  • Do not use live wallpapers

Live wallpapers are the animated backgrounds on your device. While they can be pleasing aesthetically, they are also memory intensive programmes, which can slow down your phone even under normal circumstances. When playing games, such live widgets and wallpapers can further prevent in-game optimisation, leading to stutters or even crashes. 

Even phones from the best mobile brands will struggle to run the latest games alongside animated wallpapers at the same time. Thus, it is better to avoid live wallpapers at least when you plan to run games.

  • Utilise boost apps

Boost applications can improve your phone’s RAM performance, enabling memory-intensive games to perform better. Whether you are using a budget phone model like a Vivo mobile under 15000 or a high-end device specifically designed for gaming, these boost apps help regardless by turning off background applications. These background tasks take up memory uselessly, inhibiting game performance. 

  • Install software updates regularly

The best mobile brands tend to release software updates for their devices after every few months. These updates bring tons of improvement, stabilisation and bug fixes, security features, and much more. In some cases, the software update can also reduce overheating of your handset during intense gaming sessions.

Apart from such tricks, you must also pay attention to a device’s internal specs while purchasing a gaming smartphone. While phone segments like a Vivo mobile under 15000 can run most games, certain newer games require specialised GPU support. Feature-rich devices may thus be more suitable in this regard.

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