Home Workouts Were Saviors In this Pandemic

Due to this Corona Pandemic situation leading to gym closures and quarantine mandates are forcing people more towards home workout routines. Nowadays everyone is aware of the importance of exercise to maintain themselves. You can start with simple pushups, stretch exercises and you can also go for home back workout routine.

It’s being tough to keep yourself fitter and fine during the lockdown or a stay at home order. But you can still find different methods to make this a part of your daily workout routine.

If you have been enjoying some kind of fitness or yoga classes before this pandemic then you must be feeling frustrated due to the lower level of the usual workout routine. But now exercise is important. You can lower down your stress level along with depression.

I would recommend you take this situation seriously and start working out with a high level of motivation. Even starting from smaller steps like walking around the block can also make a difference. So you can say that home workout during this lockdown period is doable if you are naive to this or already a big fitness buff.

The home workouts which you can try during this pandemic are:

Bent-over dumbbell row

This is a really good exercise for the upper body. In this, you can take 2 dumbbells of the same weight and fall forward. Now you can bend forward and keep your back straight by rounding your lower back.

Romanian dead-lift

You will require a horizontal surface, such as a bench or a chair. Just place your knee and stretch your hands on the bench and bend forward. And at this movement, the shoulder moves towards the working arm.

Tips for getting the exercise during COVID 19

Make Your Workout a Daily Routine

This is really a good habit if you are taking exercise into your daily routine. You can make it a social activity also by turning on the music and going on the dance floor to show some moves also.

Go For Tracking Your Home Workouts

You can go for fitness trackers and many apps available online for keeping a track of your activities and check how good you are doing from your start to till now.

Advantage of Technology

Many gym trainers are offering online virtual sessions so you can take advantage of this thing and go for this for a professional level of help.

Just make it fun by turning it into a game

You can also go for Zumba dance which gives you benefits of exercise and dance both at the same time. Video games like Wii and Kinect and Dance revolution. These are great alternatives if you don’t want to miss reality.

Whether it’s just a simple stretch or heavy dead-lifts, you just need to start from somewhere to keep yourself fit for this situation making yourself fitter. You can start with 3 to 4 sets and you can keep a gap between around 1.5 to 2 minutes. You can start by working once a week and that will be good enough for a start. You just need to have a few dumbbells and work with your body weight.


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