A Guide To The Various Wedding Catering Styles

Indian marriages are known as big fat Indian wedding and are deemed incomplete without food, dance and music. Food and drinks are quintessential element of a wedding. A guest may forget the lavishness of your wedding but the taste of the sumptuous delights that they had at the wedding continues to linger in on their taste buds. The grandeur of a wedding is judged from the food served at a wedding.

Gone are the days when the food in the wedding used to serve in the traditional seating manner. Modern day weddings are all about buffet dinner comprising of cuisines from round the world. With changing times the wedding catering styles have undergone through lots of transformation. The wedding market has roped in new catering styles. Are you planning to tie the knot in Chandigarh? Have you booked the top wedding caterers in Chandigarh? Are you looking for ways to add oodles of charm to your wedding reception? Here is a list of the best wedding catering styles that we have garnered from across the nooks of the internet. Check it out people.

Guide To The Various Wedding Catering Styles

  1. Plate Dinner

A traditional and formal way of serving food where the guests are made to sit and have food. In the serving style the guests are made to sit and are usually served a three course meal which comprises of appetizers, main course and desserts. In this serving style the guests have the option of selecting from a range of two or three options from the menu. The serves wait at the tables and serve the guests their desired meal. This type of catering involves immense lot of planning and organizing and also is an expensive affair.

  1. Buffet

A popular serving way that has gained a lot of popularity at the modern Indian weddings. The buffet style gives the guests the ability to choose the meals for themselves. In some of the weddings in buffet catering there are servers behind the counter serving the guests food. The buffet dinner is more of casual and laid back style of wedding catering. The buffet dinner is a cost effective way serving the guests with more food at the price of less and also looks quite elegant.


Food station style of catering is an ideal way of incorporating theme in wedding food. Breaking the norm of serving food according to categories the food station style of catering focuses more disorderly placement of food stalls. Creative food stations look appealing and are a visual treat for the eye. As every coin has two sides similarly the food stations come with a con say more of a drawback that they require ample amount of space.


  1. Bit Sized options

This wedding season is all about minimalism. The concept of minimalism has touched and influenced every wedding attribute. Even wedding catering industry has also embraced the concept of minimalism with open arms and has roped in bite sized options as the latest catering style. Serving bite sized food at the wedding has become a trendier concept. Serving mini bites of different food gives the guests the ability to gorge on variety of food at a single time. The bite sized catering style does not restricts the guests to be seated rather it gives them the ability of roaming around. The catering style gives the appearance of a cocktail hour reception. Cocktail hour soiree also enables the guests to roam around and get to mingle with each other.

  1. Family Style

Family style catering is more intimate dinners and look similar to traditional sit down receptions. What sets the family style dinner apart from the plated style of catering is that this is mostly opted for when having a intimate wedding and expecting a lesser footfall of guests. In the family style of catering large sized portions of food are brought and placed in the serving bowls from where the guests can help themselves. The pro aspect of family style catering is that it offers the guests to help themselves to as much food as they. The drawback of family style catering is that it comes with a heavy price tag. Intimate family style dinners add a touch of personalization to the weddings.


So these are a few popular wedding catering styles. Liked the post? Which catering style are you following at your wedding? Share with us about your thoughts on the post in the comments below.

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