A Guide To Cleaning Vintage Jewellery Boxes

If you are an avid jewellery collector, you no doubt have at least two jewellery boxes, and while it is important to regularly clean your jewellery, your jewellery boxes also need some TLC every now and then. Don’t allow your jewellery box to get dirty, especially when used often. Instead of protecting, it could end up damaging your precious jewellery.


You can get an expert to help you with cleaning your jewellery box or repairing it, if needed. You can also check out these few helpful tips.

  • Cleaning the Exterior – If your jewellery box is made from rosewood or an equally attractive timber, you can use beeswax to bring up the shine. Don’t forget to oil the hinges very lightly, as this will ensure the top always opens and closes smoothly.
  • Suitable Temporary Storage – Obviously, you will have to empty the jewellery box before cleaning, and the best way to do this is to lay a soft sheet on a table or bed, and place each jewellery item in such a position that it is not touching another. It is very important that your items of jewellery do not touch with anything hard, as this will cause tiny scratches that look unsightly and will also devalue the item. If you are looking to add to your growing collection of antique jewellery, check out the stunning range of items available at Kalmar Antiques, one of Australia’s leading online antique dealers who specialise in antique & vintage jewellery.
  • Cordless Vacuum – There are small, yet powerful cordless vacuum cleaners that are designed for cleaning the interior of the car. And this is ideal for removing dirt and dust from the inside of your jewellery box. If you can find the right attachment, the vacuum can also reach into the many corners, where dirt and dust seem to gather. Another good idea is to use damp cotton buds, which should pick up any dirt or dust that builds up in the corners, and once the box is clean, you can spray it will a little air freshener, and wait for it to dry before replacing the jewellery items.
  • Cleaning Velvet – No doubt your jewellery box will be lined with velvet, which is a super soft material that is ideal for storing valuable jewellery items, yet cleaning velvet can be a challenge. The best way to do it is to use a damp, soft cloth and gently rub the cloth against all of the compartment sides, while taking care not to rub too hard. If you happen to be looking for pieces made in the early art deco period, check out the many fine examples that are available from the online antique dealer.

It is recommended that you give your jewellery box a clean at least once a year, which will ensure that your valuable collection of jewellery will always be protected when not being worn.

If your collection of jewellery grows on a regular basis, don’t be tempted to put too many items in a single box, as they might become damaged. When the time is right, start searching for a second jewellery box to add to the large one you already have, and this will ensure that every piece has its own special place.

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