Guide to Buying the Best Lip Tint For Your Skin Type

Beauty products and makeups are more in demand than ever before.  Coloring the lips is a key beauty trick that has become a routine among women of all ages. When it comes to lip coloring, women can choose between lipsticks and lip tints. Lip tints are better off when it comes to durability and giving a natural look that never fades away easily. Here are some things to consider when buying lip tips for your skin tone.

Skin Tone and Type

Lip tints come in a variety of colors that work well for people with different skin tones.  You need to identify the best lip tint that shares the same shade with your skin tone undertones.  To make things clearer for you, if you have a fairer skin tone, you should look for cool blue or red undertone skin tints.  If you have an olive-like skin tone, look for vibrant coral or orange pinks that includes super warm undertones. For those with darker skin tones, choose tints with darker shades. And if you would want to realize a korean look with long wear lip stain, you should head to Clarins to buy tints like Rose water, orange water, violate water or Rouge water lip tints.

Tint Longevity

Lip tints are widely preferred since they last longer when in comparison with lipsticks. But then, some tints aren’t durable and effective enough to last long when applied on the lips. You wouldn’t want to select a lip tint that cannot last for 2 hours or more. You can check online to know what other customers are saying about the longevity of the tints you wish to buy.  Based on customer reviews, you will easily tell which lip tints that meet your durability expectations.

Ease of Removal

Strong and durable lip stains are the most preferred. However, some stains combine durability with the hardship of removal. Don’t forget that after walking around with your lips tinted for a whole day, you will want to remove it at the end of the day. There is nothing more disgusting than trying to remove lip stains to no success. When buying, you have to make sure you find out how easy it easy to remove the tints. Besides reading the tint removal instructions, you have to check out for more information by reading customer reviews. Customer testimonials will give you firsthand information on whether the tints are easy to remove as they are claimed to help ensure you don’t buy wrong products.


You can realizea Korean look with long wear lip stain easily and quickly as long as you have the right lip tint. The biggest mistake anyone shopping for a lip tint can make is to buy a tint that doesn’t complement their skin undertone. Wearing a lip tint that doesn’t complement your natural skin tone and looks can make you look dreadful. With the tips outlined above, I hope that you will have the most enjoyable moments trying to find the best lip stain for you. Make sure you compare a number of products from several manufacturers and brands before you finally decide what to buy.

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